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    Top Quark Production Dynamics

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    I review standard top quark production at the Fermilab Tevatron. The current theoretical understanding of the total cross section and many partial differential cross sections is presented. Studies on the effects of extra gluon radiation on the top quark mass determination are reviewed. The possibility of new mechanisms for ttˉt\bar{t} production are also discussed.Comment: 8 RevTex pages, requires AIPBOOK style file, 20 figures appended as uuencoded file. Invited talk at the Xth International PbarP Workshop, Fermilab, IL, May 9-13, 199

    Top Quark Spin Correlations - Theory

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    The theoretical aspects of spin correlations in top quark pair production are briefly reviewed.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, proceedings for TOP201

    Physics Potential of the Fermilab NuMI beamline

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    We explore the physics potential of the NuMI beamline with a detector located 10 km off-axis at a distant site (810 km). We study the sensitivity to sin22θ13\sin^2 2 \theta_{13} and to the CP-violating parameter sinδ\sin \delta as well as the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy by exploiting the νμνe\nu_\mu \to \nu_e and νˉμνˉe\bar{\nu}_\mu \to \bar{\nu}_e appearance channels. The results are illustrated for three different experimental setups to quantify the benefits of increased detector sizes, proton luminosities and νe\nu_e detection efficiencies.Comment: 23 pages, 12 figure

    CP and T Trajectory Diagrams for a Unified Graphical Representation of Neutrino Oscillations

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    Recently the CP trajectory diagram was introduced to demonstrate the difference between the intrinsic CP violating effects to those induced by matter for neutrino oscillation. In this paper we introduce the T trajectory diagram. In these diagrams the probability for a given oscillation process is plotted versus the probability for the CP- or the T-conjugate processes, which forms an ellipse as the CP or T violating phase is varied. Since the CP and the T conjugate processes are related by CPT symmetry, even in the presence of matter, these two trajectory diagrams are closely related with each other and form a unified description of neutrino oscillations in matter.Comment: 15 pages, Latex, 7 postscript figure

    CP and T Violation in Neutrino Oscillations

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    In this short lecture, we discuss some basic phenomenological aspects of CP and T violation in neutrino oscillation. Using CP/T trajectory diagrams in the bi-probability space, we try to sketch out some essential features of the interplay between the effect of CP/T violating phase and that of the matter in neutrino oscillation.Comment: 8 pages, 6 figures, Invited talk given by H. Nunokawa at the 10 th Mexican School of Particles and Fields at Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Oct. 30 - Nov. 6, 200