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    Hausdorff clustering of financial time series

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    A clustering procedure, based on the Hausdorff distance, is introduced and tested on the financial time series of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index.Comment: 9 pages, 3 figure

    Sustainable Recycling of Insoluble Rust Waste for the Synthesis of Iron-Containing Perovskite-Type Catalysts

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    Insoluble rust waste from the scraping of rusted iron-containing materials represents a cheap, eco-friendly, and available source of iron. LaFeO3 perovskite-type powders were successfully prepared by solution combustion synthesis using rust waste from an electricity transmission tower manufacturer. Solution combustion synthesis enabled introduction of this insoluble iron precursor directly into the final product, bypassing complex extraction procedures. Catalytic activity in the propylene oxidation of the waste-derived LaFeO3 with stoichiometric Fe/La ratio was almost identical to the commercial iron nitrate-derived LaFeO3 , thus demonstrating the viability of this recycling solution. The amount of waste iron precursor was varied and its effect on the powder properties was investigated. A lesser stoichiometric amount of precursor produced a LaFeO3 -La2O3 binary system, whereas a higher stoichiometric amount led to a LaFeO3 -Fe2O3 binary system. Catalytic activity of iron-rich compositions in the propylene oxidation was only slightly lower than the stoichiometric one, whereas iron-poor compositions were much less active. This eco-friendly methodology can be easily extended to other iron perovskites with different chemical compositions and to other iron-containing compounds

    Numerical simulation and experimental validation of fatigue behavior of wood-glass fiber composite T joint

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    In this paper, a numerical FE model is developed with ANSYS and validated by experimental tests to identify possible damage locations and fatigue breakage in different wood-glass fiber composite T-joints for marine applications. Both static and fatigue tests in three-point bending configuration have been performe

    Direct cross section measurement for the 18O(p,γ)19F reaction at astrophysical energies at LUNA

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    18 O ( p, γ ) 19 F plays an important role in the AGB star scenarios. The low energy cross section could be influenced by a hypothetical low energy resonance at 95 keV and by the tails of the higher energy broad states. The 95 keV resonance lies in the energy window corresponding to the relevant stellar temperature range of 40-50 MK.Measurements of the direct cross section were performed at the Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics (LUNA), including the unobserved low energy resonance, the higher energy resonances and the non-resonant component, taking advantage of the extremely low environmental background. Here we report on the experimental setup and the status of the analysis

    Signaling response to transient redox stress in human isolated T cells: Molecular sensor role of syk kinase and functional involvement of IL2 receptor and L-selectine

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    Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are central effectors of inflammation and play a key role in cell signaling. Previous reports have described an association between oxidative events and the modulation of innate immunity. However, the role of redox signaling in adaptive immunity is still not well understood. This work is based on a novel investigation of diamide, a specific oxidant of sulfhydryl groups, and it is the first performed in purified T cell tyrosine phosphorylation signaling. Our data show that ex vivo T cells respond to –SH group oxidation with a distinctive tyrosine phosphorylation response and that these events elicit specific cellular responses. The expression of two essential T-cell receptors, CD25 and CD62L, and T-cell cytokine release is also affected in a specific way. Experiments with Syk inhibitors indicate a major contribution of this kinase in these phenomena. This pilot work confirms the presence of crosstalk between oxidation of cysteine residues and tyrosine phosphorylation changes, resulting in a series of functional events in freshly isolated T cells. Our experiments show a novel role of Syk inhibitors in applying their anti-inflammatory action through the inhibition of a ROS-generated reaction

    Multifocal lymphadenopathies with polyclonal reactions primed after EBV infection in a mRNA-1273 vaccine recipient.

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    We report a case of recurrent tender, multifocal lymphadenopathies associated with B-symptoms, clinically mimicking lymphoma in a mRNA-1273 vaccine recipient after a recent Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infection. In the lymph node biopsy, monocytoid B-cell hyperplasia, TH2 (GATA3+) predominance, and hyperplasia of interferon-gamma-producing plasmacytoid dendritic cells were observed along with sustained neutralising antibody production against SARS-CoV-2 wild-type and five variants. High titres of anti-S antibodies and neutralising antibodies were observed, excepted for variant B.1.529** (omicron) and B.1.351** (beta), due to several mutations in the spike protein, including the E484K mutation. We postulated that EBV acted as an immunological enhancer with the mRNA-1273 vaccine, inducing a sustained inflammatory response over several weeks. However, the polyclonal nature of the lymphadenopathy with polytypic plasmacytosis and pseudo-tumoural reaction cell hyperplasia were associated with failure to mount acute phase responses