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    The lichens of Pukhtolova Gora (St. Petersburg, Russia)

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    The lichen diversity of the proposed protected area Pukhtolova Gora counts 252 species, including 232 lichenized, 12 lichenicolous, and 8 non-lichenized saprobic fungi. Micarea laeta, M. pusilla, and Pyrenidium actinellum s. lat. are new to North-Western European Russia; Parmelia serrana, Rhizocarpon cinereovirens, and Stereocaulon taeniarum are new to St. Petersburg. Altogether 13 species recorded in the study area are red-listed in St. Petersburg, with two of them known only from historical collections. Pukhtolova Gora is an area with a high conservation value; the lichen biota of this area is one of the richest within the city limits due to the well-preserved forest habitats

    Leprarioid lichens and associated lichenicolous fungi from the Commander Islands (Kamchatka Territory, Russia) including a new species Lepraria tiinae

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    Here, we present new records of leprarioid lichens from the Commander Islands, including one species of Lithocalla and six species of Lepraria. Notably, we describe as new to science Lepraria tiinae, which is quite common in coastal biotopes of the archipelago. The main distinguishing phenotypic features of this new species include large granules of the thallus, a well-developed hypothallus, dark rhizohyphae, and the production of thiophanic acid, arthothelin, and dichlorolichexanthone. Additionally, three species of lichenicolous fungi or fungi associated with leprarioid lichens were found in the studied specimens, all of which are new to the Kamchatka Territory

    Abstracts Of The Proceedings And The Posters From The Third Scientific Session Of The Medical College Of Varna

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    October 2-3, 201