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    Bose-Einstein Correlations and Sonoluminescence

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    Sonoluminescence may be studied in detail by intensity correlations among the emitted photons. As an example, we discuss an experiment to measure the size of the light-emitting region by the Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect. We show that single bubble sonoluminescence is almost ideally suited for study by this method and that plausible values for the physical parameters are within easy experimental reach. A sequence of two and higher order photon correlation experiments is outlined.Comment: Latex File, 8 pages, Postscript file with 2 figs. attache

    Operational Trans-Resistance Amplifier Based Tunable Wave Active Filter

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    In this paper, Operational Trans-Resistance Amplifier (OTRA) based wave active filter structures are presented. They are flexible and modular, making them suitable to implement higher order filters. The circuits implement the resistors using matched transistors, operating in linear region, making them well suited for IC fabrication. They are insensitive to parasitic input capacitances and input resistances due to the internally grounded input terminals of OTRA. As an application, a doubly terminated third order Butterworth low pass filter has been implemented, by substituting OTRA based wave equivalents of passive elements. PSPICE simulations are given to verify the theoretical analysis
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