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    On Error Torques of Squeeze-film Cylindrical Journal Bearings

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    Error torques of squeeze film cylindrical journal bearing

    Competitive Pressure on China: Factor Rewards Migration

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    Our objective is to assess personal income under perfect competition, when factors are rewarded according to their productivities, and to contrast the ensuing distribution with the status quo.Competition will yield winners and losers, both in terms of factor claims and in terms of regions or provinces. Income differences will press people to migrate.To analyze this, we divide China into 30 input-output sectors and 27 provinces; we maximize domestic final demand, while preserving its proportions in each province, subject to material balances and factor constraints.The shadow prices to the constraints represent competitive commodity prices and factor rewards.Unskilled labor would stand to lose and, therefore, inequality would mount.The pressure on interprovincial migration would be enormous with 10 to 20% of the people on the road.The flipside is the great potential for improvement of the average standard of living.competition;income distribution;migration

    Spherical squeeze-film hybrid bearing with small steady-state radial displacement

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    Spherical squeeze-film hybrid bearing with small steady-state radial displacement analysi

    Dynamic response of a double squeeze-film thrust plate

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    Dynamic response of gaseous double squeeze film thrust plate for bearing

    WxN1–x alloys as diffusion barriers between Al and Si

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    Reactively sputtered tungsten nitride (WxN1–x) layers are investigated as diffusion barriers between Al overlayers and Si shallow n + -p junctions. Both amorphous W80 N20 and polycrystalline W60 N40 films were found to be very effective in preserving the integrity of the n + -p diodes for 30-min vacuum annealing up to 575 °C. Diode failure at higher temperatures is caused by localized penetration of Al into through the WxN1–x barriers. The effectiveness of the barrier decreases for polycrystalline W90 N10 and is worse for pure W