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    Dynamic wormholes with particle creation mechanism

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    The present work deals with a spherically symmetric space-time which is asymptotically (at spatial infinity) FRW space-time and represents wormhole configuration: The matter component is divided into two parts--(a) dissipative but homogeneous and isotropic fluid, and (b) an inhomogeneous and anisotropic barotropic fluid. Evolving wormhole solutions are obtained when isotropic fluid is phantom in nature and there is a big rip singularity at the end. Here the dissipative phenomena is due to the particle creation mechanism in non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Using the process to be adiabatic, the dissipative pressure is expressed linearly to the particle creation rate. For two choices of the particle creation rate as a function of the Hubble parameter, the equation of state parameter of the isotropic fluid is constrained to be in the phantom domain, except in one choice, it is possible to have wormhole configuration with normal isotropic fluid.Comment: 19 pages, no figure