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    Supply Chains and Porous Boundaries: The Disaggregation of Legal Services

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    The economic downturn has had significant effects on law firms, and is causing many of them to rethink some basic assumptions about how they operate. In important respects, however, the downturn has simply intensified the effects of some deeper trends that preceded it, which are likely to continue after any recovery that may occur. This paper explores one of these trends, which is corporate client insistence that law firms “disaggregate” their services into discrete tasks that can be delegated to the least costly providers who can perform them. With advances in communications technology, there is increasing likelihood that some of these persons may be located outside the formal boundaries of the firm. This means that law firms may need increasingly to confront the make or buy decision that their corporate clients have regularly confronted for some time. The potential for vertical disintegration is a relatively recent development for legal services, but is well-established in other sectors of the global economy. Empirical work in several disciplines has identified a number of issues that arise for organizations as the make or buy decision becomes a potentially more salient feature of their operations. Much of this work has focused in particular on the implications of relying on outsourcing as an integral part of the production process. This paper discusses research on: (1) the challenges of ensuring that work performed outside the firm is fully integrated into the production process; (2) coordinating projects for which networks of organizations are responsible; (3) managing the transfer of knowledge inside and outside of firms that are participants in a supply chain; and (4) addressing the impact of using contingent workers on an organization’s workforce, structure, and culture. A review of this research suggests considerations that law firms will need to assess if they begin significantly to extend the process of providing services beyond their formal boundaries. Discussing the research also is intended to introduce concepts that may become increasingly relevant to law firms, but which currently are not commonly used to analyze their operations. Considering how these concepts are applicable to law firms may prompt us to rethink how to conceptualize these firms and what they do. This paper therefore is a preliminary attempt to explore: (1) the extent to which law firms may come to resemble the vertically disintegrated organizations that populate many other economic sectors and (2) the potential implications of this trend for the provision of legal services,the trajectory of legal careers, and lawyers’ sense of themselves as members of a distinct profession

    High Energy Colliders

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    We consider the high energy advantages, disadvantages and luminosity requirements of hadrons, leptons and photon-photon colliders. Technical problems in obtaining increased energy in each type of machine are presented. The machines relative size are also discussed.Comment: LaTeX, 27 pages, 8 figures (eps, ps). Submitted to the Proceedings of the Princeton's 250th Anniversary Conference on Critical Problems in Physic

    Final Focus System for a Muon Collider: A Test Model

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    The present scenario for a high luminosity 4 TeV on center of mass muon collider requires a beta function =3 mm at the interaction point. We discuss a test model of a basic layout which satisfies the requirements although it is not fully realistic.Comment: 9 pages, uses REVTEX macros. Submitted to the Proceedings of the Symposium on Physics Potential and Development of mu^+-mu^- Colliders, San Francisco, CA. Suppl. of the journal Nuclear Physics

    High Luminosity Muon Collider Design

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    Muon Colliders have unique technical and physics advantages and disadvantages when compared with both hadrons and electron machines. They should be regarded as complementary. Parameters are given of a 4 TeV high luminosity muon-muon collider, and of a 0.5 TeV demonstration machine. We discuss the various systems in such muon collider.Comment: LaTeX 5 pages 4 figure

    Future Colliders

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    The high energy physics advantages, disadvantages and luminosity requirements of hadrons, of leptons and photon-photon colliders are considered. Technical arguments for increased energy in each type of machine are presented. Their relative size, and the implications of size on cost are discussed.Comment: LaTeX, 10 pages, 10figure

    Education’s not black and white, it’s vibrant grey

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    This paper offers a learner’s eye-view of a journey through education, written in an auto-narrative style. Sarah’s story spans from Secondary School to College and through University finishing at the point of Graduation. Revealed in this open and honest account is an insight to coping with home life whilst navigating the trials of the Education system. Sarah makes criticisms of her peers at every level reminding us how competitive some students have to be to get on and achieve success in their education. Critical judgements are also made about Sarah’s School teachers and University lecturers, which are at times as rewarding as they are uncomfortable, but always truthful. Consequently, there is much to learn by both academics and students from this sensitive and vulnerable personal revelation. Sarah’s evidence in turn points to some fundamental questions about the genuine outcomes of the Educational system, e.g. what are we actually teaching young people to be like? And do we like the product in terms of their values, beliefs and motives? A concluding message from Sarah’s perspective is that greater independence in learning, freedom in thinking and equipping people to reason, judge and make decisions in whatever realm, may be defining steps towards becoming educated

    Spectral reflectivity of solid surfaces at low temperatures

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    Spectral reflectivity of solid surfaces at low temperature

    Muon Dynamics in a Toroidal Sector Magnet

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    We present a Hamiltonian formulation of muon dynamics in toroidal sector solenoids (bent solenoids)Comment: format aipproc.cls; aipproc.sty; 7 pages, two figures (*.ps). Submitted to the Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Physics Potential and Development of mu-mu Colliders, San Francisco, Dec. 199
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