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    NA62 present status

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    NA62 is a fixed-target experiment located in the CERN experimental North Area. The beam is provided by SPS. During the first phase (2007 → 2010) the collaboration measured the ratio RK = BR(K → eν)/BR(K → μν). This measurement is sensitive to Standard Model (SM) deviations; in particular it can test lepton universality. During the second phase, the collaboration aims to measure BR(K+ → π+ν¯ν). Due to the sensitivity of this BR to new physics, this decay has a strategic role in the search for physics beyond the SM. The hadronic contribution to the uncertainty is small and the SM prediction is precise: (8.5 ± 0.7)10−11. The apparatus is under construction and the first run is expected for spring 2013. The detector status, prototype tests, and signal sensitivity compared with background rejection will be discussed

    Midterm Scientific Report

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    Functionally graded plate fracture analysis using the field boundary element method

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    This paper describes the Field Boundary Element Method (FBEM) applied to the fracture analysis of a 2D rectangular plate made of Functionally Graded Material (FGM) to calculate Mode I Stress Intensity Factor (SIF). The case study of this Field Boundary Element Method is the transversely isotropic plane plate. Its material presents an exponential variation of the elasticity tensor depending on a scalar function of position, i.e., the elastic tensor results from multiplying a scalar function by a constant taken as a reference. Several examples using a parametric representation of the structural response show the suitability of the method that constitutes a Stress Intensity Factor evaluation of Functionally Graded Materials plane plates even in the case of more complex geometries

    Ethnic Bullying Victimization in Italy: The Role of Acculturation Orientation for Ethnic Minority Adolescents With Differing Citizenship Statuses

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    This study examines the role of acculturation orientation toward home and host countries in ethnic bullying victimization, by considering citizenship status and taking into account social withdrawal. Within a larger school project with middle and high school students, we analyzed data on 252 adolescents from immigrant backgrounds: 71 born abroad without Italian citizenship (Males = 71.4%; mean age = 13.98, SD = 1.7); 96 born in Italy to immigrant parents and without Italian citizenship (Males = 58.3%; mean age = 13.26, SD = 1.6); and 85 Italian citizens born in Italy with an immigrant parent (Males = 54.7%; mean age = 13.12, SD = 1.5). At the univariate level we found that the group of adolescents born abroad with foreign parents showed significantly higher levels of ethnic victimization compared to the group of adolescents born in Italy with an Italian parent. The latter also reported a significantly higher mean in Acculturation Orientation toward their Host Country (i.e., Italy) compared to the other two groups. Looking at the processes working within each group, we found differences in the patterns of association between acculturation orientation and ethnic bullying victimization. Specifically, we found a significant and positive association between acculturation orientation toward the home country and ethnic victimization in the two groups of adolescents born in Italy, while acculturation orientation toward the host country seems to be a protective factor only for adolescents with Italian citizenship. Acculturation orientation does not play any role in ethnic victimization for the first generation of immigrants, while for this group we found a stronger positive effect of Social Withdrawal. Citizenship status appears to be a good indicator of belonging to an ethnic minority group with a background of immigration: it seems to catch specific processes in ethnic bullying victimization. © Copyright © 2020 Palladino, Nappa, Zambuto and Menesini

    CHANTI: a Fast and Efficient Charged Particle Veto Detector for the NA62 Experiment at CERN

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    The design, construction and test of a charged particle detector made of scintillation counters read by Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM) is described. The detector, which operates in vacuum and is used as a veto counter in the NA62 experiment at CERN, has a single channel time resolution of 1.14 ns, a spatial resolution of ~2.5 mm and an efficiency very close to 1 for penetrating charged particles

    Antimicrobial Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

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    Staphylococcus aureus is a ubiquitous human commensal pathogen. It is commonly isolated in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and is considered one of the main causes of the recurrent acute pulmonary infections and progressive decline in lung function that characterize this inherited life-threatening multisystem disorder. However, the true role of S. aureus in CF patients is not completely understood. The main aim of this narrative review is to discuss the present knowledge of the role of S. aureus in CF patients. Literature review showed that despite the fact that the availability and use of drugs effective against S. aureus have coincided with a significant improvement in the prognosis of lung disease in CF patients, clearly evidencing the importance of S. aureus therapy, how to use old and new drugs to obtain the maximal effectiveness has not been precisely defined. The most important problem remains that the high frequency with which S. aureus is carried in healthy subjects prevents the differentiation of simple colonization from infection. Moreover, although experts recommend antibiotic administration in CF patients with symptoms and in those with persistent detection of S. aureus, the best antibiotic approach has not been defined. All these problems are complicated by the evidence that the most effective antibiotic against methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) cannot be used in patients with CF with the same schedules used in patients without CF. Further studies are needed to solve these problems and to assure CF patients the highest level of care
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