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    Declining interstitial transsudation in man

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    Results and methodology of experimentation dealing with declining interstitial transsudation are discussed. Concepts of the formation of interstitial fluids are in agreement with measurements of calf volume in normal young women, in horizontal recumbency or after horizontal immersion. The volume of the calf is reduced when the hydrostatic pressure of the blood column is diminished under the phlebostatic level and when the external pressure is increased by the hydrostatic pressure of a water bath

    First results on radiation damage in PbWO4 crystals exposed to a 20 GeV/c proton beam

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    We have exposed seven full length production quality crystals of the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) of the CMS detector to a 20 GeV/c proton beam at the CERN PS accelerator. The exposure was done at fluxes of 10**12 p/cm**2/h and 10**13 p/cm**2/h and integral fluences of 10**12 p/cm**2 and 10**13 p/cm**2 were reached at both rates. The light transmission of the crystals was measured after irradiation and suitable cooling time for induced radioactivity to decrease to a safe level. First results of these measurements are shown. The possible damage mechanisms are discussed and simulations based on one possible model are presented. The implications for long-term operation of CMS are discussed and it is shown that in the whole barrel and at least most of the ECAL endcap hadron damage alone - even if cumulative - should not cause the crystals to fail the CMS specification of an induced absorption coefficient muIND < 1.5 /m during the first 10 years of LHC operation.Comment: 5 pages, to be published in Proc. ICATPP Conference on Astroparticle, Particle, Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications (Como, Italy, 6 to 10 October 2003

    On sl(2)-equivariant quantizations

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    By computing certain cohomology of Vect(M) of smooth vector fields we prove that on 1-dimensional manifolds M there is no quantization map intertwining the action of non-projective embeddings of the Lie algebra sl(2) into the Lie algebra Vect(M). Contrariwise, for projective embeddings sl(2)-equivariant quantization exists.Comment: 09 pages, LaTeX2e, no figures; to appear in Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physic

    Breadth-first serialisation of trees and rational languages

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    We present here the notion of breadth-first signature and its relationship with numeration system theory. It is the serialisation into an infinite word of an ordered infinite tree of finite degree. We study which class of languages corresponds to which class of words and,more specifically, using a known construction from numeration system theory, we prove that the signature of rational languages are substitutive sequences.Comment: 15 page
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