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    New Results from the MINOS Experiment

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    In this paper we present the latest results from the MINOS Experiment. This includes a new measurement of the atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters based on 3.36 x 10^20 protons-on-target of data and a first analysis of neutral current events in the Far Detector. The prospects for nu-e appearance measurements in MINOS are also discussed.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures, for the Proceedings of the Neutrino 2008 Conference, Christchurch, N

    Technology of production process and encapsulation fruit and berry concentrates

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    The article presents 2 methods for making concentrates from fruits and berries, which were later used as a filler for alginate capsules. The results of the physicochemical parameters of the obtained concentrates are presented. Of the 15 options for the formulations of fruit and berry concentrates - capsule fillers, 11 formulations were selected, which were divided into categories "up to 7 years" and "7 +" depending on their composition. Under laboratory conditions, the technological regime for the manufacture of alginate capsules by the drop method was worked out. As a result of the single-factor experiment, it was revealed that from the moment a drop of about 6 mm in size is immersed to the formation of a capsule wall with a thickness of about 2.3 mm, 2 minutes are needed in the given experiment parameters: the concentration of alginate in the filler solution is 1 %, the Ph of the filler is 4.2, the concentration of calcium salt, where the drops are immersed to form a sphere - 1 %, the size of the drop is 6 mm, the thickness of the capsules is not less than 2 mm and not more than 2.5 mm. To prevent the process of gelation, it is necessary to heat the spheres in a bath of water at 85 °C for 10 minutes. With such a manipulation, the gelification process stops, and the center of the sphere remains liquid. Prototypes have been developed that are stable if, during storage, they are immersed in a neutral medium of the filler. Based on the results of a sensory assessment of the quality and texture of yogurt from sheep and goat milk mixed with capsules according to M. Bourne, it can be concluded that mixing the homogeneous structure of yogurt with capsules has a positive effect on the taste range, the product acquires a new look and taste, while not losing its quality

    Obesity and covid-19 — signs of convergence of two pandemiсs. Guidelines to fight obesity based on the principles of «ROOTS»

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    The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging problem of the present. Another essential problem causing serious health consequences is the global obesity epidemy. Our article notes the importance of studying the combinations and correlations of mentioned pandemic processes. We analyzed scientific reports of co-presence of obesity, diabetes and coronavirus infection. According to the analyzed data combination of COVID-19 with obesity and diabetes leads to the higher rate of the hospitalisation. These patients more often required the transfer to the intensive care unit and artificial lung ventilation. Our review contains scientific observations of the first reported cases of higher mortality rate of obese and diabetic patients during the period of previous influenza pandemics (including H1N1). The results of the 2020 year shows that the outcomes of coronavirus infection with underlying obesity much more threatening and harmfull. In our article, we present the correlation of the average body mass and mortality rate index in different countries (according to the WHO and the World Obesity Federation). Comparative results in the Central Asia countries are given as well. The paper analyzes the suggestions for obesity policy and advocacy provided by World Obesity Federation in “ROOTS: A framework for action”. The conclusions marks the importance of implementing the proposed measures against obesity during a pandemic and in the post-COVID era

    Initial State Fluctuations and Complete Destruction of the Projectile Nucleus in Interactions of Asymmetric Nuclei at High Energies

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    A study of characteristics of the events of complete destruction of the projectile nucleus in the interactions between asymmetric nuclei for different initial states of the collision, is performed. In the interactions of the sulfur nuclei with heavy emulsion nuclei at energy 200 AGeV, anomalous high number of events the complete destruction of the projectile nuclei, is observed. The high probability of such events depends on the energy of interaction (it is not detected in the interactions of the sulfur nuclei with emulsion nuclei at energy of 3.7 AGeV), on the degree of asymmetry of the interacting nuclei (it is not detected in interactions of the sulfur nuclei with light emulsion nuclei) and on initial state of interaction (it is not detected in peripheral collisions). These events are characterized by high multiplicity of secondary particles and narrow angular distribution at large angles (they form narrow peak in the region of small values of average pseudorapidity)

    Measurement of the neutrino mass splitting and flavor mixing by MINOS

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    Measurements of neutrino oscillations using the disappearance of muon neutrinos from the Fermilab NuMI neutrino beam as observed by the two MINOS detectors are reported. New analysis methods have been applied to an enlarged data sample from an exposure of 7.25imes10207.25 imes 10^{20} protons on target. A fit to neutrino oscillations yields values of Deltam2=(2.320.08+0.12)imes103|Delta m^2| = (2.32^{+0.12}_{-0.08}) imes10^{-3},eV2^2 for the atmospheric mass splitting and m sin^2!(2 heta) > 0.90 (90%,C.L.) for the mixing angle. Pure neutrino decay and quantum decoherence hypotheses are excluded at 7 and 9 standard deviations, respectively

    Neutrino and Antineutrino Inclusive Charged-current Cross Section Measurements with the MINOS Near Detector

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    The energy dependence of the neutrino-iron and antineutrino-iron inclusive charged-current cross sections and their ratio have been measured using a high-statistics sample with the MINOS Near Detector exposed to the NuMI beam from the Main Injector at Fermilab. Neutrino and antineutrino fluxes were determined using a low hadronic energy subsample of charged-current events. We report measurements of neutrino-Fe (antineutrinoFe) cross section in the energy range 3-50 GeV (5-50 GeV) with precision of 2-8% (3-9%) and their ratio which is measured with precision 2-8%. The data set spans the region from low energy, where accurate measurements are sparse, up to the high-energy scaling region where the cross section is well understood.Comment: accepted by PR

    On separation of a degenerate differential operator in Hilbert space

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    A coercive estimate for a solution of a degenerate second order di fferential equation is installed, and its applications to spectral problems for the corresponding dif ferential operator is demonstrated. The suffi cient conditions for existence of the solutions of one class of the nonlinear second order diff erential equations on the real axis are obtained