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    Design and Implementation of Welding Mobile Robot Using a Proposed Control Scheme Based On Its Developed Dynamic Modeling for Tracking Desired Welding Trajectory

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    This paper presents a proposed control scheme that makes the combination of a kinematic controller (KC) and an integral sliding mode controller (ISMC) for a welding mobile robot (WMR) to track a desired welding path. First, a posture tracking error vector is defined and a kinematic controller is designed based on kinematic modeling to make the tracking error vector go to zero asymptotically. Second, a sliding surface vector is defined based on the velocity tracking error vector and its integral term. And then, an integral sliding mode dynamic controller is designed based on developed dynamic modeling to make velocity tracking error vector also go to zero asymptotically. The above controllers are obtained by backstepping method. The stability of system is proved based on the Lyapunov stability theory. To implement the designed tracking controller, a control system is developed based on DSP F28355 and ATmega328. A scheme for measuring the posture tracking error vector using torch sensor is presented. The simulation and experiment results are shown to illustrate effectiveness and the applicability to the welding industry field of the proposed controller

    Complete Embedded Self-Translating Surfaces under Mean Curvature Flow

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    We describe a construction of complete embedded self-translating surfaces under mean curvature flow by desingularizing the intersection of a finite family of grim reapers in general position.Comment: 42 pages, 8 figures. v2: typos correcte

    Memory usage verification using Hip/Sleek.

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    Embedded systems often come with constrained memory footprints. It is therefore essential to ensure that software running on such platforms fulfils memory usage specifications at compile-time, to prevent memory-related software failure after deployment. Previous proposals on memory usage verification are not satisfactory as they usually can only handle restricted subsets of programs, especially when shared mutable data structures are involved. In this paper, we propose a simple but novel solution. We instrument programs with explicit memory operations so that memory usage verification can be done along with the verification of other properties, using an automated verification system Hip/Sleek developed recently by Chin et al.[10,19]. The instrumentation can be done automatically and is proven sound with respect to an underlying semantics. One immediate benefit is that we do not need to develop from scratch a specific system for memory usage verification. Another benefit is that we can verify more programs, especially those involving shared mutable data structures, which previous systems failed to handle, as evidenced by our experimental results

    Sustainable Growth and Ethics: a Study of Business Ethics in Vietnam Between Business Students and Working Adults

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    Sustainable growth is not only the ultimate goal of business corporations but also the primary target of local governments as well as regional and global economies. One of the cornerstones of sustainable growth is ethics. An ethical organizational culture provides support to achieve sustainable growth. Ethical leaders and employees have great potential for positive influence on decisions and behaviors that lead to sustainability. Ethical behavior, therefore, is expected of everyone in the modern workplace. As a result, companies devote many resources and training programs to make sure their employees live according to the high ethical standards. This study provides an analysis of Vietnamese business students’ level of ethical maturity based on gender, education, work experience, and ethics training. The results of data from 260 business students compared with 704 working adults in Vietnam demonstrate that students have a significantly higher level of ethical maturity. Furthermore, gender and work experience are significant factors in ethical maturity. While more educated respondents and those who had completed an ethics course did have a higher level of ethical maturity, the results were not statistically significant. Analysis of the results along with suggestions and implications are provided

    La fonction de partition de Minc et une conjecture de Segal pour certains spectres de Thom

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    On construit dans cet article une résolution injective minimale dans la catégorie \U des modules instables sur l'algèbre de Steenrod modulo 22, de la cohomologie de certains spectres obtenus à partir de l'espace de Thom du fibré, associé à la représentation régulière réduite du groupe abélien élémentaire (Z/2)n(\Z/2)^n, au dessus de l'espace B(Z/2)nB(\Z/2)^n. Les termes de la résolution sont des produits tensoriels de modules de Brown-Gitler J(k)J(k) et de modules de Steinberg LnL_n introduits par S. Mitchell et S. Priddy. Ces modules sont injectifs d'après J. Lannes et S. Zarati, de plus ils sont indécomposables. L'existence de cette résolution avait été conjecturée par Jean Lannes et le deuxième auteur. La principale indication soutenant cette conjecture était un résultat combinatoire de G. Andrews : la somme alternée des séries de Poincaré des modules considérées est nulle

    General one-loop formulas for decay h→Zγh\rightarrow Z\gamma

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    Radiative corrections to the h→Zγh\rightarrow Z\gamma are evaluated in the one-loop approximation. The unitary gauge gauge is used. The analytic result is expressed in terms of the Passarino-Veltman functions. The calculations are applicable for the Standard Model as well for a wide class of its gauge extensions. In particular, the decay width of a charged Higgs boson H±→W±γH^\pm \rightarrow W^\pm\gamma can be derived. The consistence of our formulas and several specific earlier results is shown.Comment: 33 pages, 3 figures, a new section (V) and references were improved in the published versio

    Irreducible representations of Upq[gl(2/2)]

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    The two-parametric quantum superalgebra Upq[gl(2/2)]U_{pq}[gl(2/2)] and its representations are considered. All finite-dimensional irreducible representations of this quantum superalgebra can be constructed and classified into typical and nontypical ones according to a proposition proved in the present paper. This proposition is a nontrivial deformation from the one for the classical superalgebra gl(2/2), unlike the case of one-parametric deformations.Comment: Latex, 8 pages. A reference added in v.
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