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    What the @!&#?: UT Students’ Bad Language Ideologies

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    Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. - A Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Report

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    For the purposes of this financial statement analysis and valuation report, I have selected two companies; Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc., referenced as ‘MAIN company’, and Key Energy Services, Inc., referenced as ‘BENCHMARK’ company. Both companies operate within the Oil and Gas Services industry. Throughout my research I found a major event that significantly affected the financials of the companies I previously listed. On October 24, 2016, BENCHMARK company and certain domestic subsidiaries filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under the United State Bankruptcy Code, pursuant to a prepackaged plan of reorganization. By completing this financial statement analysis and valuation report I have come to a recommendation regarding how a current investor should handle their Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. stock. In my opinion, the stock price listed on 12/31/2018 of $6.14 is undervalued. Therefore, I would recommend the investor to buy stock in Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc., ticker symbol HLX

    Comparison of Maximal Aerobic Capacity Between the Treadmill and a Skiing Ergometer

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    Graduate Exercise Scienc

    Death Squads and Diplomacy: An Investigation of British Attitudes Towards Sectarian Assassinations in the 1970’s

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    I conducted my research for this paper during a three-­‐week internship at the Pat Finucane Center in Derry. I gathered evidence from a series of declassified British government documents provided to me by the center. I focus my study on the British government’s attitude towards sectarian assassinations, particularly committed by loyalist paramilitaries, in the first part of the 1970’s. I examine the issues of responding to international pressure, framing the problem, evaluating security force effectiveness, and screening strategies. I find that in the public sphere, the British government hid information to downplay the severity of loyalist-­‐led murder campaigns and instigated policies that did little to curb the violence. I also analyze the role the Pat Finucane Center played in shaping my work and argue for the utility of conducting research in an activist environment

    Printed Circuit Board Design with Open-Source Software

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    Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design allows for the creation of the modern-day electronic systems. Open-source PCB design software allows people to easily access, modify, share, and collaborate on electronic projects. This project created several designs demonstrating various PCB design techniques for a keyboard interface, a transmission line test card, and a 2.4 GHz antenna. KiCad EDA is a cross-platform and open-source electronics design automation suite and was used for creating the boards in this project. Open-source software has few restrictions and no licensing costs, other commercial PCB design packages include Altium Designer

    Development of Phagotrophic Algae-based Process for Conversion of Waste Organics to Algae Lipids as Potential Feedstock for Biofuel

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    Interest in sustainable feedstock for biofuel has encouraged research on the production of phagotrophic algae from bacteria using a two-staged continuous-flow system. Bacteria cultures were fed the content of a waste stream from The J.M. Smuckers Company containing high concentrations of sugar. In the design, the bacteria effluent overflowed into the algae tank which was kept at a set volume. Several methods were developed to assist in maintaining the system at steady state and minimize the impact from contaminants. A rigorous cleaning protocol was implemented for both tanks, effectively eliminating protozoa from the bacteria system. The protozoa were decreased in the algae tank by decreasing the dissolved oxygen to 5% or less. Fungi were removed from the algae tank by filtering through a mesh wire. An effective method for maintaining steady state was established and implemented during research to reduce time spent in lab. Data was collected for optical density, cell concentration, and dissolved oxygen to assess the health of the system. Results and observations suggest the feasibility of this method for producing phagotrophic algae, but since it was difficult to maintain the system at steady state, more trials need to be conducted to gather data for analysis

    N. Lake Tahoe Protection Dist. v. Bd. of Admin., 134 Nev. Adv. Op. 93 (Dec. 6, 2018) (en banc)

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    The Court determined that NRS 616B.578(4) does not require an employer to know the precise medical terminology for an employee’s permanent physical impairment before the subsequent injury. However, the statute requires that an employee’s preexisting permanent physical impairment be fairly and reasonably observed from a written record and the impairment must amount to at least 6% whole person impairment

    Toward an Aesthetic of the Post-Industrial Gothic

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    This paper seeks to establish the genre of the Post-Industrial Gothic as one wherein gothic tropes are utilized to express the personal and environmental trauma that comes as a result of deindustrialization. To establish this genre, I outline the core tropes of the Post-Industrial Gothic through an examination of the history of the literary Gothic, America's industrial past and post-industrial present, and several films and video games including Kentucky Route Zero, Night in the Woods, Alien, and Annihilation that fall under this genre. This work suggests that media that falls within the Post-Industrial Gothic may afford us new ways of examining America's industrial past in light of the ways in which its inherent trauma still haunts the present.No embargoAcademic Major: AnthropologyAcademic Major: Englis

    How Early Mathematics Interventions Support Mathematics Vocabulary Learning: A Content Analysis

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    While there is a strong research base that supports intervening early in mathematics, research investigating the importance of mathematics vocabulary is still emerging. Practitioners and researchers may benefit from understanding how mathematics interventions support mathematics vocabulary acquisition, particularly for students who struggle with learning mathematics. Thus, the purpose of this study was to conduct a mathematics vocabulary content analysis across seven kindergarten and first-grade mathematics interventions. Across the intervention lessons, we recorded suggested teacher and student actions related to mathematics vocabulary instruction. The results indicated the most common instructional strategies used to teach mathematics vocabulary include: providing students with the opportunity to apply the meaning of the vocabulary term (94.7%), using representations (66.4%), and asking students to respond to teacher prompts using the term (44.7%). Overall, 29.7% of lessons clearly defined vocabulary terms, and 5.8% of lesson objectives addressed teaching the definition of the term. We discuss implications for researchers and practitioners to supplement interventions with opportunities for students to learn, practise, and apply mathematics vocabulary

    Where I Belong: The Indonesian Guiqiao Experience in Xiamen

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    本论文主要着眼于厦门的印尼归国华侨社区研究。从海外回来的中国人,被 称为“归侨”,他们在二十世纪五十及六十年代,在他们的青年时期“回到”中 国。他们回到中国有哪些经历?他们是如何融入厦门社区的?他们是否仍然认同 印尼文化?他们认同中国文化吗?他们又是如何构建自身的归侨身份的?归侨 们走到一起的方式之一是建立归侨协会。本研究很大的一部分是在厦门市印尼归 侨协会的参与观察。各种项目、活动以及协会的聚会促成建立了兼有中国和印尼 特色的支持网络。他们既有对印尼的向往也有身为中国人的强烈感受。The primary focus of this study is the Indonesian returned overseas Chinese community in Xiamen. Returned Overseas Chinese, known as guiqiao, ‘returned’ to China as young adults in the 1950s and 1960s. What was their experience returning to China? How do they fit into the Xiamen community? Do they still identify with Indonesian culture? Do they identify with Chinese culture? How do they form thei...学位:哲学硕士院系专业:人文学院_中国哲学学号:1012011115437