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    A new encryption technique for the secured transmission and storage of text information with medical images

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    Modern day hospital management systems rely heavily on electronic data processing to maintain patient records. These electronic medical records (EMRs) must be maintained in an unaltered form by the creator. The need for a secure data handling method for the transmission and storage of text and digital media, comprising patient’s diagnostic history, imaging, scans, etc., is indispensible. This paper presents a novel method of text encryption by means of symmetric key encryption technique, using variable length key derived from the encrypted text itself

    Rare association of Visceral leishmaniasis with Hodgkin's disease: A case report

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    We present here a case of young male with complaints of fever and swelling in the neck for eight months. History of progressive weakness associated with weight loss was present. Physical examination revealed pallor, multiple enlarged cervical lymph nodes and hepatosplenomegaly. Investigations showed pancytopenia, hyperglobinemia and Leishman-Donovan bodies on bone marrow aspiration. Serological test confirmed diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis. However, cervical lymph node aspiration and biopsy were suggestive of Mixed cellularity Hodgkin's disease. This made it a very rare case of Leishmaniasis as an opportunistic infection in a patient of pre-chemotherapy Hodgkin's disease. There was marked improvement in haematological profile and regression of hepatosplenomegaly with Amphotericin B treatment followed by favourable response to chemotherapy. The case emphasizes the suspicion for leishmaniasis as a masquerader and as an opportunistic infection in haematological malignancies

    Synergies and Prospects for Early Resolution of the Neutrino Mass Ordering

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    The measurement of neutrino Mass Ordering (MO) is a fundamental element for the understanding of leptonic flavour sector of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Its determination relies on the precise measurement of őĒm312\Delta m^2_{31} and őĒm322\Delta m^2_{32} using either neutrino vacuum oscillations, such as the ones studied by medium baseline reactor experiments, or matter effect modified oscillations such as those manifesting in long-baseline neutrino beams (LBőĹ\nuB) or atmospheric neutrino experiments. Despite existing MO indication today, a fully resolved MO measurement (‚Č•\geq5ŌÉ\sigma) is most likely to await for the next generation of neutrino experiments: JUNO, whose stand-alone sensitivity is ‚ąľ\sim3ŌÉ\sigma, or LBőĹ\nuB experiments (DUNE and Hyper-Kamiokande). Upcoming atmospheric neutrino experiments are also expected to provide precious information. In this work, we study the possible context for the earliest full MO resolution. A firm resolution is possible even before 2028, exploiting mainly vacuum oscillation, upon the combination of JUNO and the current generation of LBőĹ\nuB experiments (NOvA and T2K). This opportunity is possible thanks to a powerful synergy boosting the overall sensitivity where the sub-percent precision of őĒm322\Delta m^2_{32} by LBőĹ\nuB experiments is found to be the leading order term for the MO earliest discovery. We also found that the comparison between matter and vacuum driven oscillation results enables unique discovery potential for physics beyond the Standard Model.Comment: Entitled in arXiv:2008.11280v1 as "Earliest Resolution to the Neutrino Mass Ordering?

    Differential cross section measurements for the production of a W boson in association with jets in proton‚Äďproton collisions at ‚ąös = 7 TeV

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    Measurements are reported of differential cross sections for the production of a W boson, which decays into a muon and a neutrino, in association with jets, as a function of several variables, including the transverse momenta (pT) and pseudorapidities of the four leading jets, the scalar sum of jet transverse momenta (HT), and the difference in azimuthal angle between the directions of each jet and the muon. The data sample of pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV was collected with the CMS detector at the LHC and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 5.0 fb[superscript ‚ąí1]. The measured cross sections are compared to predictions from Monte Carlo generators, MadGraph + pythia and sherpa, and to next-to-leading-order calculations from BlackHat + sherpa. The differential cross sections are found to be in agreement with the predictions, apart from the pT distributions of the leading jets at high pT values, the distributions of the HT at high-HT and low jet multiplicity, and the distribution of the difference in azimuthal angle between the leading jet and the muon at low values.United States. Dept. of EnergyNational Science Foundation (U.S.)Alfred P. Sloan Foundatio

    Juxtaposing BTE and ATE ‚Äď on the role of the European insurance industry in funding civil litigation