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    Next-to-Leading-Order Corrections to the Production of Heavy-Flavour Jets in e+e- Collisions

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    In this paper we describe the calculation of the process e+e- -> Z/gamma -> QQbar + X, where Q is a heavy quark, at order alpha_s^2.Comment: 49 pages, Latex, epsfig, 6 figures. Tables 2 and 3 labels and captions have been fixe

    On the Fragmentation Function for Heavy Quarks in e+e- collisions

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    We use a recent O(alpha_s^2) calculation of the differential cross section for the production of heavy quarks in e+e- annihilation to compute a few moments of the heavy quark single-inclusive production cross section. We verify that, contrary to some recent claims, the leading and next-to-leading logarithmic terms in this cross section are correctly given by the standard NLO fragmentation function formalism for heavy quark production.Comment: 14 pages, Latex, epsfig, 4 figure

    QCD Predictions for Charm and Bottom Production at RHIC

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    We make up-to-date QCD predictions for open charm and bottom production at RHIC in nucleon-nucleon collisions at \sqrt{S} = 200 GeV. We also calculate the electron spectrum resulting from heavy flavor decays to allow direct comparison to the data. A rigorous benchmark, including the theoretical uncertainties, is established against which nuclear collision data can be compared to obtain evidence for nuclear effects.Comment: 5 pages, 4 figure

    NLO Higgs boson production via gluon fusion matched with shower in POWHEG

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    We present a next-to-leading order calculation of Higgs boson production via gluon fusion interfaced to shower Monte Carlo programs, implemented according to the POWHEG method. A detailed comparison with MC@NLO and PYTHIA is carried out for several observables, for the Tevatron and LHC colliders. Comparisons with next-to-next-to-leading order results and with resummed ones are also presented.Comment: Version accepted for publication by JHEP. One more figure added to Sec 4.1.2 and two more explanatory figures and comments added to Sec 4.3 on p_T distribution

    Is There a Significant Excess in Bottom Hadroproduction at the Tevatron?

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    We discuss the excess in the hadroproduction of B mesons at the Tevatron. We show that an accurate use of up-to-date information on the B fragmentation function reduces the observed excess to an acceptable level. Possible implications for experimental results reporting bottom quark cross sections, also showing an excess with respect to next-to-leading order theoretical predictions, are discussed.Comment: 5 pages, Latex, 4 figures. Submitted to Phys. Rev. Let

    Heavy Flavour Production

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    We review the status of heavy flavour production in QCD. Comparison of experimental and theoretical results for top and bottom production are given. Selected topics in charm production are also discussed.Comment: 18 pages, Latex, epsfig, 12 tar-gzip-uuencoded figures. Invited talk given at the XV International conference "Physics in Collisions", Cracow, Poland, June 8-10, 199

    The p_T Spectrum in Heavy-Flavour Photoproduction

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    We consider the transverse-momentum distribution of heavy flavours in photon-hadron collisions. We present a formalism in which large transverse-momentum logarithms are resummed to the next-to-leading level, and mass effects are included exactly up to order alpha_em alpha_s^2, so as to retain predictivity at both small and large transverse momenta. Phenomenological applications relevant to charm photoproduction at HERA are given.Comment: 26 pages, Latex, epsfig, 15 figures. Submitted to JHE
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