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    Field sweep rate dependence of magnetic domain patterns: Numerical simulations for a simple Ising-like model

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    We study magnetic domain patterns in ferromagnetic thin films by numerical simulations for a simple Ising-like model. Magnetic domain patterns after quench demonstrate various types of patterns depending on the field sweep rate and parameters of the model. How the domain patterns are formed is shown with use of the number of domains, the domain area, and domain area distributions as well as snapshots of domain patterns. Considering the proper time scale of the system, we propose a criterion for the structure of domain patterns.Comment: 11 pages, 7 figure

    Fast forward of adiabatic control of tunneling states

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    By developing the preceding work on the fast forward of transient phenomena of quantum tunneling by Khujakulov and Nakamura (Phys. Rev. {\bf A 93}, 022101 (2016) ), we propose a scheme of the exact fast forward of adiabatic control of stationary tunneling states with use of the electromagnetic field. The idea allows the acceleration of both the amplitude and phase of wave functions throughout the fast-forward time range. The scheme realizes the fast-forward observation of the transport coefficients under the adiabatically-changing barrier with the fixed energy of an incoming particle. As typical examples we choose systems with (1) Eckart's potential with tunable asymmetry and (2) double δ\delta-function barriers under tunable relative height. We elucidate the driving electric field to guarantee the stationary tunneling state during a rapid change of the barrier and evaluate both the electric-field-induced temporary deviation of transport coefficients from their stationary values and the modulation of the phase of complex scattering coefficientsComment: 15 pages, 8 figure