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    Ruggero Bacone e Raimondo Lullo, espressione di un medioevo multiculturale. La novità emerge dalla tradizione

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    Uno de los conceptos más importantes de pensar y explorar la realidad es para Llull la noción de atributos divinos: sirven como medio para entender y ordenar el mundo, contemplando a Dios y dialogando con pensadores de otras religiones. Ya los primeros escritos de Llull muestran un concepto increíblemente elaborado de atributos divinos que Llull utiliza constantemente a lo largo de su vida.For Llull, one of the most important concepts of thinking and exploring reality is the notion of divine attributes: they serve as a means of understanding and ordering the world, contemplating God and dialoguing with thinkers of other religions. Even in Llull’s early writings one can fi nd an amazingly elaborate concept of divine attributes which Llull continued to use throughout his life

    Src Kinases Are Required for a Balanced Production of IL-12/IL-23 in Human Dendritic Cells Activated by Toll-Like Receptor Agonists

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    BACKGROUND: Pathogen recognition by dendritic cells (DC) is crucial for the initiation of both innate and adaptive immune responses. Activation of Toll-like Receptors (TLRs) by microbial molecular patterns leads to the maturation of DC, which present the antigen and activate T cells in secondary lymphoid tissues. Cytokine production by DC is critical for shaping the adaptive immune response by regulating T helper cell differentiation. It was previously shown by our group that Src kinases play a key role in cytokines production during TLR4 activation in human DC. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS: In this work we investigated the role of Src kinases during different TLRs triggering in human monocyte-derived DC (MoDC). We found that Src family kinases are important for a balanced production of inflammatory cytokines by human MoDC upon stimulation of TLR3 and 8 with their respective agonists. Disruption of this equilibrium through pharmacological inhibition of Src kinases alters the DC maturation pattern. In particular, while expression of IL-12 and other inflammatory cytokines depend on Src kinases, the induction of IL-23 and co-stimulatory molecules do not. Accordingly, DC treated with Src inhibitors are not compromised in their ability to induce CD4 T cell proliferation and to promote the Th17 subset survival but are less efficient in inducing Th1 differentiation. CONCLUSIONS: We suggest that the pharmacological modulation of DC maturation has the potential to shape the quality of the adaptive immune response and could be exploited for the treatment of inflammation-related diseases

    Snow cover analysis in Emilia-Romagna

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    Abstract In this paper we present an operational chain developed in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italy) to monitor snow cover and snow water equivalent (SWE) over the area managed by the Regional Catchment Technical Service. Remote sensing data from medium resolution sensors (MODIS and AVHRR/3) are used as input for snow cover detection algorithms. Hourly weather station measurements are used as input for a snow melt and accumulation model in order to estimate the snow water equivalent. The model reliability is mainly related to the network density of heated rain gauges detecting snow precipitation. The products are disseminated as web bulletins and they are used in monitoring chain and alert for the Civil Protection Agency. Keywords: remote sensing, snow, MODIS, AVHRR/3, MSG, snow water equivalent, civil protection. Analisi della copertura nevosa in Emilia-Romagna Riassunto Il presente documento descrive la catena operativa sviluppata in Emilia-Romagna per il monitoraggio del manto nevoso e la stima del suo contenuto in acqua equivalente (SWE). L'area di studio copre la chiusura dei bacini idrografici di competenza regionale ed i confini amministrativi emiliano-romagnoli. La metodologia utilizza i dati telerilevati da sensori a media risoluzione (MODIS e AVHR