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    Il LAC quale esperienza formativa e didattica nel corso di laurea in Scienze della Formazione

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    La ricerca si prefigge di effettuare una riflessione sulla modalit\ue0 didattica del Laboratorio di Addestramento alla Comunicazione (LAC) quale unit\ue0 didattica autonoma e conclusa, e di verificare la validit\ue0 dei parametri individuati per la valutazione degli apprendimenti relativi ai contenuti e alla formazione al lavoro in piccolo gruppo. Il LAC \ue8 una esperienza didattica inserita nel curriculum universitario degli studenti della facolt\ue0 di SFP che, in modulo di breve estensione, si prefigge di: a) trasmettere conoscenze; b) far sperimentare il lavoro in un sistema organizzato complesso come l\u2019istituzione scolastica; c) utilizzare una valutazione trasparente e articolata

    Flux creep in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8(sub +x) single crystals

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    The results of a magnetic study on a Bi2Sr2CaCu2O(8+x) single crystal are reported. Low field susceptibility (dc and ac), magnetization cycles and time dependent measurements were performed. With increasing the temperature the irreversible regime of the magnetization cycles is rapidly restricted to low fields, showing that the critical current J(sub c) becomes strongly field dependent well below T(sub c). At 2.4 K the critical current in zero field, determined from the remanent magnetization by using the Bean formula for the critical state, is J(sub c) = 2 10(exp 5) A/sq cm. The temperature dependence of J(sub c) is satisfactorily described by the phenomenological law J(sub c) = J(sub c) (0) (1 - T/T(sub c) (sup n), with n = 8. The time decay of the zero field cooled magnetization and of the remanent magnetization was studied at different temperatures for different magnetic fields. The time decay was found to be logarithmic in both cases, at least at low temperatures. At T = 4.2 K for a field of 10 kOe applied parallel to the c axis, the average pinning energy, determined by using the flux creep model, is U(sub o) = 0.010 eV

    Lucerne meal in the diet of indigenous chickens: a review

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    Indigenous chicken production consists of an array of activities important to smallholder poultry farmers in Africa. One of the many factors influencing their production and threating the local food security is in the area of nutrition, particularly, that related to protein supplementation. The available feed resources to farmers are not enough to sustain the productivity of the chickens. Hence, the chickens’ diets often require nutritional supplementation. There is therefore an urgent need for the validation of locally grown feed ingredients to improve the sustainability of poultry production in sub-Saharan Africa. A dietary ingredient that may be used in the diets of chickens is lucerne (Medicago sativa), which is also known as alfalfa. In South Africa, lucerne is the most cultivated forage legume and approximately 1.3 million metric tonnes of lucerne are produced per year. Lucerne has high nutritional value, as it is a source of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. The potential of lucerne as a feed resource for indigenous chickens should, therefore, be investigated so that strategies to improve the nutrition of such chickens can be developed. The purpose of this review was to highlight lucerne as a potential dietary ingredient for indigenous chickens and discuss its effects on the productivity of broilers, egg-layers, and dual-purpose chickens

    Can alexithymia be assessed through an interview in adolescents? The Toronto Structured Interview for Alexithymia: Reliability, concurrent validity, discriminant validity, and relationships with emotional-behavioral symptoms

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    Alexithymia is connected to adolescents' psychopathology, but the current methods of assessment present limitations. The Toronto Structured Interview for Alexithymia (TSIA) was developed to overcome the limits of the main used self-rating scale in adults, but no studies investigated its feasibility with adolescents. This study involved 95 community adolescents aged 12-19 years. Adolescents were assessed with the TSIA, the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), the Verbal Comprehension Index of the WISC-IV for verbal skills, and the Child Behavior Checklist and Youth Self Report for emotional-behavioral symptoms. The aims were to investigate the TSIA internal consistency, concurrent validity with the TAS-20, discriminant validity with participants' verbal skills, and relationships with emotional-behavioral symptoms. TSIA showed good internal consistency, concurrent validity with the TAS-20 (except for factor DDF), and independence by participants' verbal skills, but few relationships with emotional-behavioral symptoms. In conclusion, TSIA showed some good psychometric proprieties but little convergence with research findings obtained with the TAS-20, suggesting the need for further research to check the feasibility of using the TSIA with adolescents. Meanwhile, a precautionary multi-method assessment of alexithymia is recommended

    Open ventral hernia repair with a composite ventral patch : final results of a multicenter prospective study

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    Background: This study assessed clinical outcomes, including safety and recurrence, from the two-year follow-up of patients who underwent open ventral primary hernia repair with the use of the Parietex (TM) Composite Ventral Patch (PCO-VP). Methods: A prospective single-arm, multicenter study of 126 patients undergoing open ventral hernia repair for umbilical and epigastric hernias with the PCO-VP was performed. Results: One hundred twenty-six subjects (110 with umbilical hernia and 16 with epigastric hernia) with a mean hernia diameter of 1.8cm (0.4-4.0) were treated with PCO-VP. One hundred subjects completed the two-year study. Cumulative hernia recurrence was 3.0% (3/101; 95%CI: 0.0-6.3%) within 24months. Median Numeric Rating Scale pain scores improved from 2 [0-10] at baseline to 0 [0-3] at 1 month (P<0.001) and remained low at 24months 0 [0-6] (P<0.001). 99% (102/103) of the patients were satisfied with their repair at 24months postoperative. Conclusions: The use of PCO-VP to repair primary umbilical and epigastric defects yielded a low recurrence rate, low postoperative and chronic pain, and high satisfaction ratings, confirming that PCO-VP is effective for small ventral hernia repair in the two-year term after implantation. Trial registration: The study was registered publically at clinicaltrials.gov (NCT01848184 registered May 7, 2013)

    Human exonuclease 1 role in response to UV irradiation

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    DNA damage checkpoints are surveillance mechanisms that monitor the integrity of the genome. Nucleotide excision repair (NER) is a DNA repair mechanism that cells use to remove UV-induced DNA lesions. Previous publication from our laboratory demonstrated that recognition and processing of UV-induced damage by NER is required for proper activation of checkpoint through interactions between NER proteins and checkpoint factors in yeast and human primary fibroblasts. From a two hybrid screening in yeast exonuclease 1 (Exo1) was identified as a 9-1-1 complex interactor. Exo1 is a 5\u2019-3\u2019 exonuclease and 5'-flap-endonuclease with many different roles in DNA metabolism such as meiotic and mitotic recombination, mismatch repair and telomere processing. Characterization of an exo1 yeast deleted strain has shown that this protein is involved in the early steps of UV-induced DNA damage checkpoint. In human cells EXO1 is present as two isoforms named hEXO1a and hEXO1b genetarated by alternative splicing. We are analyzing the role of EXO1 in checkpoint activation in response to UV-C damage in human cells: using siRNA against both a and b isoform of hEXO1 in G1 cells we were able to observe a defect in Chk1 and p53 phosphorylation induced by UV-C irradiation
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