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    Asymptotic analysis and spectrum of three anyons

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    The spectrum of anyons confined in harmonic oscillator potential shows both linear and nonlinear dependence on the statistical parameter. While the existence of exact linear solutions have been shown analytically, the nonlinear dependence has been arrived at by numerical and/or perturbative methods. We develop a method which shows the possibility of nonlinearly interpolating spectrum. To be specific we analyse the eigenvalue equation in various asymptotic regions for the three anyon problem.Comment: 28 pages, LaTeX, 2 Figure

    A Fermion-like description of condensed Bosons in a trap

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    A Bose-Einstein condensate of atoms, trapped in an axially symmetric harmonic potential, is considered. By averaging the spatial density along the symmetry direction over a length that preserves the aspect ratio, the system may be mapped on to a zero temperature noninteracting Fermi-like gas. The ``mock fermions'' have a state occupancy factor (>>1)(>>1) proportional to the ratio of the coherance length to the ``hard-core'' radius of the atom. The mapping reproduces the ground state properties of the condensate, and is used to estimate the vortex excitation energy analytically. The ``mock-fermion'' description predicts some novel collective excitation in the condensed phase.Comment: 11 pages, REVTE

    Classical and Quantum Mechanics of Anyons

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    We review aspects of classical and quantum mechanics of many anyons confined in an oscillator potential. The quantum mechanics of many anyons is complicated due to the occurrence of multivalued wavefunctions. Nevertheless there exists, for arbitrary number of anyons, a subset of exact solutions which may be interpreted as the breathing modes or equivalently collective modes of the full system. Choosing the three-anyon system as an example, we also discuss the anatomy of the so called ``missing'' states which are in fact known numerically and are set apart from the known exact states by their nonlinear dependence on the statistical parameter in the spectrum. Though classically the equations of motion remains unchanged in the presence of the statistical interaction, the system is non-integrable because the configuration space is now multiply connected. In fact we show that even though the number of constants of motion is the same as the number of degrees of freedom the system is in general not integrable via action-angle variables. This is probably the first known example of a many body pseudo-integrable system. We discuss the classification of the orbits and the symmetry reduction due to the interaction. We also sketch the application of periodic orbit theory (POT) to many anyon systems and show the presence of eigenvalues that are potentially non-linear as a function of the statistical parameter. Finally we perform the semiclassical analysis of the ground state by minimizing the Hamiltonian with fixed angular momentum and further minimization over the quantized values of the angular momentum.Comment: 44 pages, one figure, eps file. References update

    Ground state fluctuations in finite Fermi and Bose systems

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    We consider a small and fixed number of fermions (bosons) in a trap. The ground state of the system is defined at T=0. For a given excitation energy, there are several ways of exciting the particles from this ground state. We formulate a method for calculating the number fluctuation in the ground state using microcanonical counting, and implement it for small systems of noninteracting fermions as well as bosons in harmonic confinement. This exact calculation for fluctuation, when compared with canonical ensemble averaging, gives considerably different results, specially for fermions. This difference is expected to persist at low excitation even when the fermion number in the trap is large.Comment: 20 pages (including 1 appendix), 3 postscript figures. An error was found in one section of the paper. The corrected version is updated on Sep/05/200