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    Colossal enhancement of magnetoresistance in La0.67_{0.67}Sr0.33_{0.33}MnO3_{3} / Pr0.67_{0.67}Ca0.33_{0.33}MnO3_{3} multilayers: reproducing the phase-separation scenario

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    Colossal enhancement of magnetoresistance has been achieved over a broad temperature range which extends upto the room temperature, in ferromagnetic metal-charge ordered insulator manganite multi-layers. The artificially created phase coexistence in the multilayers reproduce the characteristic signatures of metastability in the magnetotransport properties commonly observed in electronically phase-separated manganites

    Field-tunable stochasticity in the magnetization reversal of a cylindrical nanomagnet

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    The nature of magnetization reversal in an isolated cylindrical nanomagnet has been studied employing time-resolved magnetoresistance measurement. We find that the reversal mode is highly stochastic, occurring either by multimode or single-step switching. Intriguingly, the stochasticity was found to depend on the alignment of the driving magnetic field to the long axis of the nanowires, where predominantly multimode switching gives way to single-step switching behavior as the field direction is rotated from parallel to transverse with respect to the nanowire axis.Comment: Accepted in Phys. Rev.