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    Multianode Photo Multipliers for Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors

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    The 64-channel Multianode Photo Multiplier has been evaluated as a possible choice for the photo detectors of the LHCb Ring Imaging Cherenkov detector.Comment: 3 pages, 3 figures, contributed to the Proceedings of ICHEP200

    Status of the LHCb Experiment

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    We present the status of the LHCb experiment which will make precision measurements of CP violation in BB meson decays. The motivation for the experiment and an overview of the detector design are given. The vertex detector, ring imaging Cherenkov counter, calorimeters, and trigger systems are discussed in detail. We also present the expected physics performance for selected modes.Comment: 10 pages, 16 figures, presented at BEAUTY2000, Israe

    Search for the rare decay K 0 S →μ + μ −

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    Determination of 2beta_s in B_s -> J/psi K^+ K^- Decays in the Presence of a K^+K^- S-Wave Contribution

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    We present the complete differential decay rates for the process B_s -> J/psi K^+ K^- including S-wave and P-wave angular momentum states for the K^+ K^- meson pair. We examine the effect of an S-wave component on the determination of the CP violating phase 2beta_s. Data from the B-factories indicate that an S-wave component of about 10% may be expected in the phi(1020) resonance region. We find that if this contribution is ignored in the analysis it could cause a bias in the measured value of 2beta_s towards zero of the order of 10%. When including the K^+K^- S-wave component we observe an increase in the statistical error on 2beta_s by less than 15%. We also point out the possibility of measuring the sign of cos2beta_s by using the interference between the K^+K^- S-wave and P-wave amplitudes to resolve the strong phase ambiguity. We conclude that the S-wave component can be properly taken into account in the analysis.Comment: 11 pages, 6 figure