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    Generalized eigenfunctions and scattering matrices for position-dependent quantum walks

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    We study the spectral analysis and the scattering theory for time evolution operators of position-dependent quantum walks. Our main purpose of this paper is construction of generalized eigenfunctions of the time evolution operator. Roughly speaking, the generalized eigenfunctions are not square summable but belong to \ell^{\infty}-space on Z{\bf Z}. Moreover, we derive a characterization of the set of generalized eigenfunctions in view of the time-harmonic scattering theory. Thus we show that the S-matrix associated with the quantum walk appears in the singularity expansion of generalized eigenfunctions

    Spectral Properties of Schr\"odinger Operators on Perturbed Lattices

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    We study the spectral properties of Schr\"{o}dinger operators on perturbed lattices. We shall prove the non-existence or the discreteness of embedded eigenvalues, the limiting absorption principle for the resolvent, construct a spectral representation, and define the S-matrix. Our theory covers the square, triangular, diamond, Kagome lattices, as well as the ladder, the graphite and the subdivision of square lattice

    Complex translation methods and its application to resonances for quantum walks

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    In this paper, some properties of resonances for multi-dimensional quantum walks are studied. Resonances for quantum walks are defined as eigenvalues of complex translated time evolution operators in the pseudo momentum space. For some typical cases, we show some results of existence or nonexistence of resonances. One is a perturbation of an elastic scattering of a quantum walk which is an analogue of classical mechanics. Another one is a shape resonance model which is a perturbation of a quantum walk with a non-penetrable barrier