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    Optimizing the FPGA memory design for a Sobel edge detector

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    This paper explores different memory systems by investigating the trade-offs involved with choosing one memory system over another on an FPGA. As an example, we use a Sobel edge detector to look at the trade-offs for different memory components. We demonstrate how each type of memory affects I/O performance and area. By exploiting these trade-offs in performance and area a designer should be able to find an optimum on-chip memory system for a given application


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    Person-organization (P-O) fit theory is commonly used to assess the ability of an organization to match the work motives of an individual once they have started working for the organization (Chapman et al., 2005). As police services generally struggle to recruit highly educated applicants, this study used P-O fit theory to examine potential organizational recruits to better understand how rural police organizations can appeal to the work motives of the current generation of post-secondary educated applicants (Bruns, 2010; Hutchins, 2015). This study also answers the call for more research on rural police in Canada (Lithopoulos & Ruddell, 2013). Following P-O fit research on work motives by Ritz and Waldner (2011), the current study examined potentially important factors to consider in rural policing to determine areas that rural police organizations may wish to address when appealing to potential applicants. This study’s purpose, therefore, was to explore the work motives of university students and the ability of rural police organizations to meet those work-place goals. Using regression analyses, this study revealed that participants who preferred living in a rural setting, had a lower academic average, were older, had considered applying to the military, and had a higher P-O fit score, were more likely to be attracted to a rural police organization as a potential employer. Recommendations are offered to rural police organizations for consideration when appealing to potential recruits and to researchers when applying person-organization fit (P-O Fit) theory to potential organizational applicants


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    Clear Path 465

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    This presentation provides an update on the I-465/I-69 Interchange Modification and Added Travel Lanes Design Project in northeast Indianapolis. We will discuss the three final alternatives and the main considerations that led to the selection of the preferred alternative, and present the preferred alternative. Discussion includes the design philosophy, how each proposed ramp movement will improve traffic operations, and the overall project schedule

    AFIP-6 Fabrication Summary Report

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    The AFIP-6 (ATR Full-size plate In center flux trap Position) experiment was designed to evaluate the performance of monolithic fuels at a scale prototypic of research reactor fuel plates. Two qualified fueled plates were fabricated for the AFIP-6 experiment; to be irradiated in the INL Advanced Test Reactor (ATR). This report provides details of the fuel fabrication efforts, including material selection, fabrication processes, and fuel plate qualification
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