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    A new generation pixel readout ASIC in 65 nm CMOS for HL-LHC experiments

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    A prototype of a readout ASIC in CMOS 65 nm for a pixel detector at high luminosity LHC is described. The chip has been designed to guarantee high efficiency at extreme data rates for very low signals and with low power consumption. Two different analogue very-front-end designs, one synchronous and one asynchronous, have been implemented. Internal 10-bit DACs are used for biasing, while monitoring is provided by a 12-bit ADC. A novel digital architecture which maintains high efficiency (above 99.5%) at pixel hit rates up to 3 GHz/cm2, trigger rates up to 1 MHz and trigger latency of 12.5 ÎĽs has been developed. The chip has been designed as part of the Italian INFN CHIPIX65 project and in close synergy with the international CERN RD53 Collaboration on 65 nm CMOS. Test results of the prototype are described

    Shortening of the Short Refractory Periods in Short QT Syndrome.

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    BACKGROUND: Diagnosis of short QT syndrome (SQTS) remains difficult in case of borderline QT values as often found in normal populations. Whether some shortening of refractory periods (RP) may help in differentiating SQTS from normal subjects is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS: Atrial and right ventricular RP at the apex and right ventricular outflow tract as determined during standard electrophysiological study were compared between 16 SQTS patients (QTc 324±24 ms) and 15 controls with similar clinical characteristics (QTc 417±32 ms). Atrial RP were significantly shorter in SQTS compared with controls at 600- and 500-ms basic cycle lengths. Baseline ventricular RP were significantly shorter in SQTS patients than in controls, both at the apex and right ventricular outflow tract and for any cycle length. Differences remained significant for RP of any subsequent extrastimulus at any cycle length and any pacing site. A cut-off value of baseline RP <200 ms at the right ventricular outflow tract either at 600- or 500-ms cycle length had a sensitivity of 86% and a specificity of 100% for the diagnosis of SQTS. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with SQTS have shorter ventricular RP than controls, both at baseline during various cycle lengths and after premature extrastimuli. A cut-off value of 200 ms at the right ventricular outflow tract during 600- and 500-ms basic cycle length may help in detecting true SQTS from normal subjects with borderline QT values

    LHCb Preshower Front-End Electronics Board. Qualification of the final prototype

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    This note describes the tests performed on the final prototypes of the SPD/Preshower Front-End electronics boards

    LHCb Preshower Front-End Electronics Board

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    This note describes the digital part of the fully synchronous solution developped for the lhcb preshower detector Front-End electronics. The general design and the main features of this board are given including trigger part

    The complexity of tangent words

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    In a previous paper, we described the set of words that appear in the coding of smooth (resp. analytic) curves at arbitrary small scale. The aim of this paper is to compute the complexity of those languages.Comment: In Proceedings WORDS 2011, arXiv:1108.341
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