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    Linking pay level to interactional justice as a determinant of personal outcomes

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    Human resource development literature highlights that pay level is a crucial compensation design issue. The ability of the management to properly design the level of pay according to external and internal organisational factors may have a signifi cant impact on personal outcomes, i.e. job satisfaction, job commitment,and job performance. More importantly, a thorough review of such relationships revealed that effect of pay level on personal outcomes is indirectly affected by feelings of interactional justice. Although the nature of this relationship is interesting, little is known about the influence of interactional justice in compensation programme models. Therefore, this study was conducted to measure the mediating effect of interactional justice in the relationship between pay level and personal outcomes. A survey research method was used to gather 917 usable questionnaires from employees who have worked in Malaysian institutions of higher learning. The outcomes of stepwise regression analysis showed three important findings: firstly, the relationship between interactional justice and pay level would increase job satisfaction. Secondly, the relationship between interactional justice and pay level would increase job commitment.Third, relationship between interactional justice and pay level would increase job performance. This result confirmed that interactional justice does act as a full mediating variable in the pay system model of the organisation sample. In addition, the implications of this study on compensation theory and practice,conceptual and methodological limitations, and directions for future research are discussed

    The rights of a rape victim in Islamic Law

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    Rape victims undergo double jeopardy as they experience unwanted aggression against their freewill which make them suffer physically and mentally, and at the same time they have to fight to be treated fairly and respectfully within the legal environment. There has been a controversial issue regarding rape prosecution in Islamic legal system as the rape victim would be either charged with zina (illegal sexual intercourse) because of her confession or qadhf (false accusation) as a result of her failure to bring four male eyewitnesses. This paper aims at investigating the fundamental rights of rape victims provided in Islamic law. This will include legal rights to be defended fairly, exemption of punishment, adequate compensation, and other essential rights. This study will explore opinions and arguments of classical Muslim jurisprudents from various schools of law

    Financial reporting in tabung masjid management driven by in Malaysia

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    Financial reporting is an essential document that reflects the financial strength and capability of organizations. As a public place of worship, mosques or masājid in Malaysia are fully governed by State Religious Departments. Any activity requires written consent from the State Religious Authority including Tabung Masjid. Tabung Masjid management of mosques is regulated by state religious administrative law. Conventional approaches require compliance in fund collection and management for Tabung Masjid would remain ideas only if not operating with contemporary methods. The study argues that the compliance approach is necessary at the operation level but not at the corporate level. A case study method on a few selected mosques found that the finance committee has no choice but to abide by the regulation. In the meantime, there is a need to use of an innovative way through specific fund raising to address social issues. The study recommends the Tabung Masjid collection and management to be used as creative way of increasing the value of the fund within the Sharī‛ah compliant spirit

    Kesan amalan komunikasi dalam sistem ganjaran dan keadilan prosedur terhadap prestasi kerja

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    Purpose - This paper seeks to measure the influence of perceived procedural justice; to identify the moderating effects of procedural justice on the knowledge about reward systems; and to identify the moderating effects of procedural justice on the immediate boss treatments toward job performance. Design/Methodology/Approach - The study was dependent on a survey conducted on 92 respondents who had completed the survey questionnaire forms. Findings - Outcomes showed that interaction betwen knowledge about reward systems and procedural justice insignificantly correlated with job performance, but interaction between immediate boss treatments and procedural justice significantly correlated with job performance. This result confirmed that procedural justice does act as a partial moderating effect in the reward system model of the organisation sample. Originality/Value - The paper explores the possible implications and limitations of this study and addresses these to organisations to look at procedural justice as one important element in the compensation system communication. Paper type -Research Paper