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    New Physics effects in charm meson decays involving c→ul+l−(li∓lj±)c \to u l^+ l^- (l_i^\mp l_j^\pm) transitions

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    We study the effect of scalar leptoquark and Z′Z^\prime boson on the rare decays of DD mesons involving flavour changing transitions c→ul+l−(li∓lj±)c \to u l^+ l^- (l^\mp_i l^\pm_j). We constrain the new physics parameter space using the branching ratio of the rare decay mode D0→μ+μ−D^0 \to \mu^+ \mu^- and the D0−Dˉ0D^0-\bar D^0 oscillation data. We compute the branching ratios, forward-backward asymmetry parameters and flat terms in D+(0)→π+(0)μ+μ−D^{+(0)} \to \pi^{+(0)} \mu^+ \mu^- processes using the constrained parameters. The branching ratios of the lepton flavour violating DD meson decays, such as D0→μe, τeD^0 \to \mu e, ~\tau e and D+(0)→π+(0)μ−e+D^{+(0)} \to \pi^{+(0)} \mu^- e^+ are also investigated.Comment: 30 pages, 8 figures, to appear in EPJ
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