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    Gregory F. McCracken, Plaintiff, v. Carleton College, Defendant.

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    The ?2-cohomology of hyperplane complements

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    We compute the l^2-Betti numbers of the complement of any finite collection of affine hyperplanes in complex n-space. At most one of the l^2-Betti numbers is non-zero. <br/

    Zeolite phi: a physical mixture of chabazite and offretite

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    Zeolite Phi is synthesized by two methods reported previously. Results from X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy suggest that the materials are physical mixtures of chabazite and offretite; one sample has a small amount of phillipsite. The X-ray powder diffraction data from these samples, and those reported previously, are indexed and their unit-cell parameters compare well to those obtained from a physical mixture of chabazite and offretite. These samples show multiple particle morphologies that are indicative of physical mixtures. Zeolite Phi is concluded to be a physical mixture of chabazite and offretite and we suggest that the use of the name zeolite Phi be discontinued

    A summary of research relating to reading in the intermediate grades

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    Purpose: To develop and evaluate a method of quick perception with geography vocabulary to see if; (a) quick perception accelerates growth in comprehension, (b) effects speed of reading, and (c) improves reading ability. Materials used: (1) Vocabulary selected from: a) Atwood, The Americas, b) McConnel, Living in the Americas, c) Smith, World Folk. (2) Durrell-Sullivan Achievement Tests, Intermediate Forms A and B. (3) Oral Reading Tests for Speed from the "Durrell Analysis of Reading Difficulty". (4) Silent Reading and Vocabulary Inventory Tests constructed by the writer. (5) Lantern slide projector; screen; words and phrases typed on amber cellphone, faced with red carbon paper, enclosed in glass slides, hinged with tape at the top [TRUNCATED


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    Was That Racist or Not? I Can’t Tell: The Music of Prussian Blue

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    This study is an investigation into the music group Prussian Blue. The study was conducted by textual analysis of cultural material including novels, Web sites, documentary films, online interviews, music, videos, and magazine articles garnered through theoretical sampling. The textual analysis was conducted following the grounded theory approach to coding qualitative data. The findings reveal various discursive and ideological interconnections between the music group Prussian Blue and the contemporary hate movement. The group has a history of Holocaust denial, celebrates Adolph Hitler as someone with ―a lot of good ideas,‖ and cultivates relationships with some of the most notorious figures within the U.S. hate movement. White power music is being used as a tool to advertise and recruit people to the hate movement. This research also explored the meaning of white power music from the perspective of those of produce it as well as those who consume the music. Describing the meaning to them, fans report enjoying the music, appreciating the pro-white messages, and express the belief that Lynx and Lamb represent good role models. From April Gaede‘s perspective, the mother and manager of Prussian Blue, the music represents a counterhegemonic activity designed to mainstream pro-white messages and make money. April also described that music is a way to showcase her daughters‘ music, while also extending the white power music scene. Finally, April expressed her hope that Prussian Blue music would recruit other youngsters to produce pro-white cultural material. The meaning of Prussian Blue music to band members Lamb and Lynx Gaede represents the most complex and evolving perspective. Earlier narratives from the duo described how making music was a fun process and that the pro-white message of their music was of their own choosing. More recent narratives, however, express a strikingly different perspective. Specifically, the two reject their earlier pro-white music while also expressing regret for making those songs. This transformation has implications for cultural identity and action

    Dead, the Lost, the Dreaming

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    In Memoriam: William E. Westerbeke

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