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    Experimental electron shielding studies Technical summary report

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    Electron shielding - comparison of thick target energy straggling and angular distributions with Monte Carlo calculation

    Is inner core seismic anisotropy a marker of plastic flow of cubic iron?

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    This paper investigates whether observations of seismic anisotropy are compatible with a cubic structure of the inner core Fe alloy. We assume that anisotropy is the result of plastic deformation within a large scale flow induced by preferred growth at the inner core equator. Based on elastic moduli from the literature, bcc- or fcc-Fe produce seismic anisotropy well below seismic observations (\textless{}0.4\%). A Monte-Carlo approach allows us to generalize this result to any form of elastic anisotropy in a cubic system. Within our model, inner core global anisotropy is not compatible with a cubic structure of Fe alloy. Hence, if the inner core material is indeed cubic, large scale coherent anisotropic structures, incompatible with plastic deformation induced by large scale flow, must be present

    Coupling JOREK and STARWALL for Non-linear Resistive-wall Simulations

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    The implementation of a resistive-wall extension to the non-linear MHD-code JOREK via a coupling to the vacuum-field code STARWALL is presented along with first applications and benchmark results. Also, non-linear saturation in the presence of a resistive wall is demonstrated. After completion of the ongoing verification process, this code extension will allow to perform non-linear simulations of MHD instabilities in the presence of three-dimensional resistive walls with holes for limited and X-point plasmas.Comment: Contribution for "Theory Of Fusion Plasmas, Joint Varenna - Lausanne International Workshop, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy (27.-31.8.2012)", accepted for publication in Journal of Physics Conference Serie
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