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    Magnetization reversals in a disk-shaped small magnet with an interface

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    We consider a nanodisk possessing two coupled materials with different ferromagnetic exchange constant. The common border line of the two media passes at the disk center dividing the system exactly in two similar half-disks. The vortex core motion crossing the interface is investigated with a simple description based on a two-dimensional model which mimics a very thin real material with such a line defect. The main result of this study is that, depending on the magnetic coupling which connects the media, the vortex core can be dramatically and repeatedly flipped from up to down and vice versa by the interface. This phenomenon produces burst-like emission of spin waves each time the switching process takes place.Comment: 11 pages, 10 figure

    Experimental response of RC columns built with plain bars under unidirectional cyclic loading

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    A large number of existing reinforced concrete (RC) buildings structures were designed and built before mid-70’s, when the reinforcing bars had plain surface and prior to the enforcement of the modern seismic-oriented design philosophies. This paper describes a series of unidirectional cyclic tests performed on seven full-scale columns built with plain reinforcing bars, without adequate reinforcement detailing for seismic demands. The specimens have different reinforcing steel details and different cross sections. A further monotonic test was also carried out for one of the specimens and an additional column, built with deformed bars, was cyclically tested for comparison with the results for the specimens with plain bars. The main experimental results are presented and discussed. The influence of bond properties on the column behaviour is evidenced by differences observed between the cyclic response of similar specimens with plain and deformed bars. The influence of reinforcement amount and displacement history on the column response is also investigated