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    Improved Heterogeneous Distance Functions

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    Instance-based learning techniques typically handle continuous and linear input values well, but often do not handle nominal input attributes appropriately. The Value Difference Metric (VDM) was designed to find reasonable distance values between nominal attribute values, but it largely ignores continuous attributes, requiring discretization to map continuous values into nominal values. This paper proposes three new heterogeneous distance functions, called the Heterogeneous Value Difference Metric (HVDM), the Interpolated Value Difference Metric (IVDM), and the Windowed Value Difference Metric (WVDM). These new distance functions are designed to handle applications with nominal attributes, continuous attributes, or both. In experiments on 48 applications the new distance metrics achieve higher classification accuracy on average than three previous distance functions on those datasets that have both nominal and continuous attributes.Comment: See http://www.jair.org/ for an online appendix and other files accompanying this articl

    Note on generalised connections and affine bundles

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    We develop an alternative view on the concept of connections over a vector bundle map, which consists of a horizontal lift procedure to a prolonged bundle. We further focus on prolongations to an affine bundle and introduce the concept of affineness of a generalised connection.Comment: 17 page

    Static and Dynamic Pressure Distributions in a Short Labyrinth Seal

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    As part of a study into turbine blade tip destabilizing forces, a seals test rig was built in which spin rate, circular whirl rate, direction and amplitude of inlet swirl angle, and eccentricity can all be controlled over wide ranges, and measurements can be made at gap Reynolds numbers up to about 2 x 10(exp 4). This facility is described and preliminary data is presented for a one cavity labyrinth seal with a flat, stator mounted land. The impact of different flow coefficients for the first and second knives on the rotordynamic coefficients was found. While this effect is dominant for the direct forces, it should also be incorporated into calculations of cross forces where it has an impact under many conditions

    New measurements of magnetic fields of roAp stars with FORS1 at the VLT

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    Magnetic fields play a key role in the pulsations of rapidly oscillating Ap (roAp) stars since they are a necessary ingredient of all pulsation excitation mechanisms proposed so far. This implies that the proper understanding of the seismological behaviour of the roAp stars requires knowledge of their magnetic fields. However, the magnetic fields of the roAp stars are not well studied. Here we present new results of measurements of the mean longitudinal field of 14 roAp stars obtained from low resolution spectropolarimetry with FORS1 at the VLT.Comment: 5 pages, accepted for publication in A&
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