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    Endogenous Growth, Capital Utilization and Depreciation

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    We study the one sector model of growth when a linear production technology is combined with adjustment costs and a technology for capital maintenance. Agents are allowed to under-use the installed capital and to vary the depreciation rate. This economy decides endogenously how much resources devotes to the accumulation of new capital and how much to maintenance and repair activities. We find as striking results that the long-run depreciation and capital utilization rates are positively related to the population growth rate, and that both depend negatively on the initial conditions. The long-run growth rate appears positively correlated with the depreciation rate.Maintenance; Depreciation; Capital Utilization; Endogenous Growth

    Flexible synthesis of polyfunctionalised 3-fluoropyrroles

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    An efficient and selective approach for the synthesis of polyfunctionalised 3-fluoropyrroles has been developed starting from commercial aldehydes. The methodology is concise, efficient and allows for the modular and systematic assembly of polysubstituted 3-fluoropyrroles. This synthesis provides an alternative and highly convergent strategy for the generation of these chemically and biologically important units

    Closed-Form Solution for a Two-Sector Endogenous Growth Model with two Controls

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    In this paper we show a method for solving in closed form a particular family of four-dimension non-linear modified Hamiltonian dynamic systems, with two states and two co-states and two co-states, which arises from a two-sector endogenous growth model where the physical capital stock is combined with a renewable natural capital stock as essential inputs for productionNon-Linear Dynamic System, Analytical Solution, Endogenous Growth, Transitional Dynamics

    Renewable Natural Resources and Endogenous Growth

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    We study a two-sector endogenous growth model where a single consumption good is obtained using a renewable resource in combination with physical capital. Both inputs are essential for production and technical substitutes. In this context we analyze the issues of sustainability, long-run and short-run growth as well as convergence, associated with the competitive equilibrium solution trajectories. We show that efficiency, long-run growth and sustainability are both compatible in a natural resource based production economy.Natural Capital, Endogenous Growth, Sustainability, Convergence
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