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    Parametric study of the interface behavior between two immiscible liquids flowing through a porous medium

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    When two immiscible liquids that coexist inside a porous medium are drained through an opening, a complex flow takes place in which the interface between the liquids moves, tilts and bends. The interface profiles depend on the physical properties of the liquids and on the velocity at which they are extracted. If the drainage flow rate, the liquids volume fraction in the drainage flow and the physical properties of the liquids are known, the interface angle in the immediate vicinity of the outlet (theta) can be determined. In this work, we define four nondimensional parameters that rule the fluid dynamical problem and, by means of a numerical parametric analysis, an equation to predict theta is developed. The equation is verified through several numerical assessments in which the parameters are modified simultaneously and arbitrarily. In addition, the qualitative influence of each nondimensional parameter on the interface shape is reported.Comment: 7 pages, 12 figure

    Laser driven self-assembly of shape-controlled potassium nanoparticles in porous glass

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    We observe growth of shape-controlled potassium nanoparticles inside a random network of glass nanopores, exposed to low-power laser radiation. Visible laser light plays a dual role: it increases the desorption probability of potassium atoms from the inner glass walls and induces the self-assembly of metastable metallic nanoparticles along the nanopores. By probing the sample transparency and the atomic light-induced desorption flux into the vapour phase, the dynamics of both cluster formation/evaporation and atomic photo-desorption processes are characterized. Results indicate that laser light not only increases the number of nanoparticles embedded in the glass matrix but also influences their structural properties. By properly choosing the laser frequency and the illumination time, we demonstrate that it is possible to tailor the nanoparticles'shape distribution. Furthermore, a deep connection between the macroscopic behaviour of atomic desorption and light-assisted cluster formation is observed. Our results suggest new perspectives for the study of atom/surface interaction as well as an effective tool for the light-controlled reversible growth of nanostructures.Comment: 14 pages,6 figures, http://iopscience.iop.org/1612-202X/11/8/085902

    Fine tuning of track impact parameter resolution of the DELPHI detector

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    The fine tuning of the charged track impact parameter resolution for data and simulation in the DELPHI detector at LEP is described. This tuning was implemented in the software for the tagging of BB hadrons and has been applied in many precise measurements

    Higgs boson couplings: Measurements and theoretical interpretation

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    This report will review the Higgs boson properties: the mass, the total width and the couplings to fermions and bosons. The measurements have been performed with the data collected in 2011 and 2012 at the LHC accelerator at CERN by the ATLAS and CMS experiments. Theoretical frameworks to search for new physics are also introduced and discussed.Comment: 67 pages, 23 figure

    First results of the two square meters multilayer glass composite mirror design proposed for the Cherenkov Telescope Array developed at INFN

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    The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a future ground-based gamma-ray astronomy detector that will consist of more than 100 Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes of different sizes. The total reflective surface of roughly 10 000 m2^2 requires unprecedented technological efforts towards a cost-efficient production of light-weight and reliable mirror substrates at high production rate. We report on a new mirror concept proposed for CTA developed by INFN, which is based on the replication from a spherical convex mold under low pressure. The mirror substrate is an open structure design made by thin glass layers at the mirror's front and rear interspaced by steel cylinders. A first series of nominal size mirrors has been produced, for which we discuss the optical properties in terms of radius of curvature and focusing power

    Wavelength-shifting light traps for SWGO and other applications

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    Wavelength-shifting (WLS) materials contain molecules that absorb light and reemit at longer wavelengths. They can be used for light detection because they provide a large effective area for low cost and they are able to efficiently trap and guide light because of total internal reflection processes. We are currently developing such a WLS detector, considering two main designs: A single-shift design with one wavelength shift (tile) and a double-shift design with two wavelength shifts (tile and fiber). As photodetectors we use small Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) with a high photon detection efficiency (PDE) and single-photon sensitivity. The double-shift layout goes at the expense of detection efficiency. In this design however, light is channeled to the two ends of a fiber, thus requiring a reduced photosensitive area compared to the single-shift layout. We will present the results of our measurements and show that light traps and SiPMs together represent a promising alternative to PMTs in case of a non-focused light beam. For the special case of SWGO, the application of light traps is also motivated by a possible improvement of the gamma/hadron separation, using a one-chamber tank with an array of wavelength-shifting light traps instead of a (two-chamber) tank with PMTs. Besides SWGO, new WLS detectors could also constitute useful and cheap technology for other experiments and use cases. The contribution summarizes our motivation and efforts to build a light trap detection module and to characterize its properties in terms of costs, temporal performance and detection efficiency.Comment: 8 pages, 9 figures, Presented at the 38th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2023), 202
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