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    Twist-4 photon helicity-flip amplitude in DVCS on a nucleon in the Wandzura-Wilczek approximation

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    We computed twist-4 part of the photon spin-flip amplitude in deeply virtual Compton scattering on a nucleon in the Wandzura-Wilczek approximation. We found a factorizable contribution, which arises from photon scattering on quarks with non-zero angular momentum along the collision axis. As the genuine twist-2 amplitude arises at the NLO, for moderate virtualities of the hard photon, Q2≤10Q^2 \le 10 GeV2^2, kinematical twist-4 correction can give numerically important contribution to the photon helicity-flip amplitude.Comment: 17 pages, 2 figures, added qualitative estimate of the magnitude of twist-4 correction which seems to be larg

    On scale dependence of QCD string operators

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    We have obtained a general solution of evolution equations for QCD twist-2 string operators in form of expansion over complete set of orthogonal eigenfunctions of evolution kernels in coordinate-space representation. In the leading logarithmic approximation the eigenfunctions can be determined using constraints imposed by conformal symmetry. Explicit formulae for the LO scale-dependence of quark and gluon twist-2 string operators are given

    NLO Corrections to Deeply-Virtual Compton Scattering

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    We have calculated the NLO corrections to the twist-2 part of the deeply-virtual Compton scattering amplitude. Our results for the transverse and antisymmetric parts agree with recent calculations by Ji and Osborne and by Belitsky and M\"uller. In addition we present NLO results for the longitudinal part of the amplitude.Comment: 8 pages, Latex. Error in polarised gluonic coefficient in Eq.(8) correcte
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