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    Fermion Emission from Five-Dimensional Black Holes

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    We calculate semiclassically the emission rate of spin 1/2 particles from charged, nonrotating black holes in D=5,N=8 supergravity. The relevant Dirac equation is solved by the same approximation as in the bosonic case. The resulting expression for the emission rate has a form which is predicted from D-brane effective field theory.Comment: 28 pages, Latex; 1 reference adde

    Gravity, particle physics and their unification

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    We explain the need for a theory of quantum gravity and some general ideas about string theory, including the idea of the derivation of the Hawking Bekenstein entropy formula for extremal black holes. We then give a general description of the correspondence between the large N limit of certain gauge theories and string theory on spacetimes with boundaries.Comment: latex, 8 figures. Talk at Lepton-Photon 99. Talk for non-string-theorist

    D-brane Description of New Open String Solutions in AdS(5)

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    In this paper we find D-brane descriptions of some of new open string solutions that were found in 0804.3438[hep-th]. These D5-brane and D3-brane configurations give gravitational dual descriptions of Wilson loops in some particular representations.Comment: 13 pages, references adde

    The slowly rotating near extremal D1-D5 system as a `hot tube'

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    The geometry of the D1-D5 system with a small angular momentum j has a long throat ending in a conical defect. We solve the scalar wave equation for low energy quanta in this geometry. The quantum is found to reflect off the end of the throat, and stay trapped in the throat for a long time. The length of the throat for j=1/2 equals n_1n_5 R, the length of the effective string in the CFT; we also find that at this distance the incident wave becomes nonlinear. Filling the throat with several quanta gives a `hot tube' which has emission properties similar to those of the near extremal black hole.Comment: 31 pages, Latex, typo corrected, reference adde

    A Note on the String Dual of N=1 SQCD-like Theories

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    In this note we describe how N=1 SQCD-like theories with a large number of flavors can be given a dual description in terms of a string background containing a large number of additional D5-branes. The dual geometries account for the backreaction of the additional branes: they depend on the ratio between the number of flavors and colors of the gauge theory. This note is based on hep-th/0602027. We present here also a new set of solutions, which are not included in the original paper.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figures. Contribution to the proceedings of the RTN project "Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe" conference in Naples, October 9 - 13, 200