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    ALHEP symbolic algebra program for high-energy physics

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    ALHEP is the symbolic algebra program for high-energy physics. It deals with amplitudes calculation, matrix element squaring, Wick theorem, dimensional regularization, tensor reduction of loop integrals and simplification of final expressions. The program output includes: Fortran code for differential cross section, Mathematica files to view results and intermediate steps and TeX source for Feynman diagrams. The PYTHIA interface is available. The project website http://www.hep.by/alhep contains up-to-date executables, manual and script examples.Comment: 33 pages, 4 figure

    Accelerating cosmologies in Lovelock gravity with dilaton

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    For the description of the Universe expansion, compatible with observational data, a model of modified gravity - Lovelock gravity with dilaton - is investigated. D-dimensional space with 3- and (D-4)-dimensional maximally symmetric subspaces is considered. Space without matter and space with perfect fluid are under test. In various forms of the theory under way (third order without dilaton and second order - Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity - with dilaton and without it) stationary, power-law, exponential and exponent-of-exponent form cosmological solutions are obtained. Last two forms include solutions which are clear to describe accelerating expansion of 3-dimensional subspace. Also there is a set of solutions describing cosmological expansion which does not tend to isotropization in the presence of matter.Comment: 23 page