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    Parametrized Stochastic Grammars for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

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    We propose a two-level stochastic context-free grammar (SCFG) architecture for parametrized stochastic modeling of a family of RNA sequences, including their secondary structure. A stochastic model of this type can be used for maximum a posteriori estimation of the secondary structure of any new sequence in the family. The proposed SCFG architecture models RNA subsequences comprising paired bases as stochastically weighted Dyck-language words, i.e., as weighted balanced-parenthesis expressions. The length of each run of unpaired bases, forming a loop or a bulge, is taken to have a phase-type distribution: that of the hitting time in a finite-state Markov chain. Without loss of generality, each such Markov chain can be taken to have a bounded complexity. The scheme yields an overall family SCFG with a manageable number of parameters.Comment: 5 pages, submitted to the 2007 Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA 2007

    Extensions of the Classical Transformations of 3F2

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    It is shown that the classical quadratic and cubic transformation identities satisfied by the hypergeometric function 3F2{}_3F_2 can be extended to include additional parameter pairs, which differ by integers. In the extended identities, which involve hypergeometric functions of arbitrarily high order, the added parameters are nonlinearly constrained: in the quadratic case, they are the negated roots of certain orthogonal polynomials of a discrete argument (dual Hahn and Racah ones). Specializations and applications of the extended identities are given, including an extension of Whipple's identity relating very well poised 7F6(1){}_7F_6(1) series and balanced 4F3(1){}_4F_3(1) series, and extensions of other summation identities.Comment: 22 pages, expanded version, to appear in Advances in Applied Mathematic

    P-symbols, Heun Identities, and 3F2 Identities

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    The usefulness of Riemann P-symbols in deriving identities involving the parametrized special function Hl is explored. Hl is the analytic local solution of the Heun equation, the canonical second-order differential equation on the Riemann sphere with four regular singular points. The identities discussed include ones coming from Moebius automorphisms and F-homotopies, and also quadratic and biquadratic transformations. The case when Hl is identical to a generalized hypergeometric function of 3F2 type is examined, and Pfaff and Euler transformations of 3F2(a1,a2,e+1;b1,e;x) are derived. They extend several 3F2 identities of Bailey and Slater.Comment: 20 page
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