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    Towards the disintermediation of creative music search: Analysing queries to determine important facets

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    Purpose: Creative professionals search for music to accompany moving images in films, advertising, television. Some larger music rights holders (record companies and music publishers) organise their catalogues to allow online searching. These digital libraries are organised by various subjective musical facets as well as by artist and title metadata. The purpose of this paper is to present an analysis of written queries relating to creative music search, contextualised and discussed within the findings of text analyses of a larger research project whose aim is to investigate meaning making in this search process. Method: A facet analysis of a collection of written music queries is discussed in relation to the organisation of the music in a selection of bespoke search engines. Results: Subjective facets, in particular Mood, are found to be highly important in query formation. Unusually, detailed Music Structural aspects are also key. Conclusions: These findings are discussed in relation to disintermediation of this process. It is suggested that there are barriers to this, both in terms of classification and also commercial / legal factors

    Lie algebra and invariant tensor technology for g2

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    Proceeding in analogy with su(n) work on lambda matrices and f- and d-tensors, this paper develops the technology of the Lie algebra g2, its seven dimensional defining representation gamma and the full set of invariant tensors that arise in relation thereto. A comprehensive listing of identities involving these tensors is given. This includes identities that depend on use of characteristic equations, especially for gamma, and a good body of results involving the quadratic, sextic and (the non-primitivity of) other Casimir operators of g2.Comment: 29 pages, LaTe