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    Converse Ackermann Property and Minimal Negation

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    A logic S has the Converse Ackermann Property (CAP) if non-necessitive propositions are not derivable in S from necessitive ones. We show in this paper how to introduce minimal negation in positive logics with the CAP. Relational ternary semantics are provided for all the logics considered in this paper

    The artistic use of parallax and lenses revealing the invisible in holography

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    There are many artistic resources offered by holography: third-dimension registration and reconstruction, immateriality, color interpretation, holographic space, realism, etc. But there are a few of them which are very characteristic and singular of that media such as the inversion of parallax, and the possibility of making invisible to turn into visible. Current paper aims to discuss key issues concerning with the aesthetic use of those special features. It is based on theoretical as well as critical analysis of the production by some of the most outstanding holographic artists who have made use of such interesting resources

    Equation of state of a seven-dimensional hard-sphere fluid. Percus-Yevick theory and molecular dynamics simulations

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    Following the work of Leutheusser [Physica A 127, 667 (1984)], the solution to the Percus-Yevick equation for a seven-dimensional hard-sphere fluid is explicitly found. This allows the derivation of the equation of state for the fluid taking both the virial and the compressibility routes. An analysis of the virial coefficients and the determination of the radius of convergence of the virial series are carried out. Molecular dynamics simulations of the same system are also performed and a comparison between the simulation results for the compressibility factor and theoretical expressions for the same quantity is presented.Comment: 12 pages, 4 figures; v3: Equation (A.19) corrected (see http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2390712
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