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    A priori estimates for free boundary problem of incompressible inviscid magnetohydrodynamic flows

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    In the present paper, we prove the a priori estimates of Sobolev norms for a free boundary problem of the incompressible inviscid MHD equations in all physical spatial dimensions n=2n=2 and 3 by adopting a geometrical point of view used in Christodoulou-Lindblad CPAM 2000, and estimating quantities such as the second fundamental form and the velocity of the free surface. We identify the well-posedness condition that the outer normal derivative of the total pressure including the fluid and magnetic pressures is negative on the free boundary, which is similar to the physical condition (Taylor sign condition) for the incompressible Euler equations of fluids.Comment: 34 page

    T-odd generalized and quasi transverse momentum dependent parton distribution in a scalar spectator model

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    Generalized transverse momentum dependent parton distributions (GTMDs), as mother funtions of transverse momentum dependent parton distributions (TMDs) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs), encode the most general parton structure of hadrons. We calculate four twist-two time reversal odd GTMDs of pion in a scalar spectator model. We study the dependence of GTMDs on the longitudinal momentum fraction xx carried by the active quark and the transverse momentum ∣kβƒ—T∣|\vec k_T| for different values of skewness ΞΎ\xi defined as the longitudinal momentum transferred to the proton as well as the total momentum βˆ£Ξ”βƒ—T∣|\vec\Delta_T| transferred to the proton. In addition, the quasi-TMDs and quasi-GPDs of pion have also been investigated in this paper

    Searches for the Anomalous FCNC Top-Higgs Couplings with Polarized Electron Beam at the LHeC

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    In this paper, we study the single top and Higgs associated production eβˆ’pβ†’Ξ½etΛ‰β†’Ξ½ehqΛ‰(hβ†’bbΛ‰)\rm e^- p\rightarrow \nu_e \bar{t} \rightarrow \nu_e h \bar{q}(h\rightarrow b\bar{b}) in the top-Higgs FCNC couplings at the LHeC with the electron beam energy of EeE_{e} = 60 GeV and EeE_{e} = 120 GeV, combination of a 7 TeV and 50 TeV proton beam. With the possibility of e-beam polarization (pep_{e} = 0, Β±0.6\pm0.6), we distinct the Cut-based method and the Multivariate Analysis (MVA) based method, and compare with the current experimental and theoretical limits. It is shown that the branching ratio Br (tβ†’uh)\rm(t\to uh) can be probed to 0.113 (0.093) %\%, 0.071 (0.057) %\%, 0.030 (0.022) %\% and 0.024 (0.019) %\% with the Cut-based (MVA-based) analysis at (EpE_{p}, EeE_{e}) = (7 TeV, 60 GeV), (EpE_{p}, EeE_{e}) = (7 TeV, 120 GeV), (EpE_{p}, EeE_{e}) = (50 TeV, 60 GeV) and (EpE_{p}, EeE_{e}) = (50 TeV, 120 GeV) beam energy and 1Οƒ\sigma level. With the possibility of e-beam polarization, the expected limits can be probed down to 0.090 (0.073) %\%, 0.056 (0.045) %\%, 0.024 (0.018) %\% and 0.019 (0.015) %\%, respectively.Comment: 13pages, 5 figures. Advance in High Energy Physic
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