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    Dynamics of conduction blocks in a model of paced cardiac tissue

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    We study numerically the dynamics of conduction blocks using a detailed electrophysiological model. We find that this dynamics depends critically on the size of the paced region. Small pacing regions lead to stationary conduction blocks while larger pacing regions can lead to conduction blocks that travel periodically towards the pacing region. We show that this size-dependence dynamics can lead to a novel arrhythmogenic mechanism. Furthermore, we show that the essential phenomena can be captured in a much simpler coupled-map model.Comment: 8 pages 6 figure

    Effect of Dzyaloshinskii Moriya interaction on magnetic vortex

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    The effect of the Dzyaloshinskii Moriya interaction on the vortex in magnetic microdisk was investigated by micro magnetic simulation based on the Landau Lifshitz Gilbert equation. Our results show that the DM interaction modifies the size of the vortex core, and also induces an out of plane magnetization component at the edge and inside the disk. The DM interaction can destabilizes one vortex handedness, generate a bias field to the vortex core and couple the vortex polarity and chirality. This DM-interaction-induced coupling can therefore provide a new way to control vortex polarity and chirality

    A Tri-band-notched UWB Antenna with Low Mutual Coupling between the Band-notched Structures

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    A compact printed U-shape ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with triple band-notched characteristics is presented. The proposed antenna, with compact size of 24Ă—33 mm2, yields an impedance bandwidth of 2.8-12GHz for VSWR<2, except the notched bands. The notched bands are realized by introducing two different types of slots. Two C-shape half-wavelength slots are etched on the radiating patch to obtain two notched bands in 3.3-3.7GHz for WiMAX and 7.25-7.75GHz for downlink of X-band satellite communication systems. In order to minimize the mutual coupling between the band-notched structures, the middle notched band in 5-6GHz for WLAN is achieved by using a U-slot defected ground structure. The parametric study is carried out to understand the mutual coupling. Surface current distributions and equivalent circuit are used to illustrate the notched mechanism. The performance of this antenna both by simulation and by experiment indicates that the proposed antenna is suitable and a good candidate for UWB applications

    Interpolation function of the genocchi type polynomials

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    The main purpose of this paper is to construct not only generating functions of the new approach Genocchi type numbers and polynomials but also interpolation function of these numbers and polynomials which are related to a, b, c arbitrary positive real parameters. We prove multiplication theorem of these polynomials. Furthermore, we give some identities and applications associated with these numbers, polynomials and their interpolation functions.Comment: 14 page

    Two-loop Renormalization Group Equations in the Standard Model

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    Two-loop renormalization group equations in the standard model are re-calculated. A new coefficient is found in the beta-function of the quartic coupling and a class of gauge invariants are found to be absent in the beta-functions of hadronic Yukawa couplings. The two-loop beta-function of the Higgs mass parameter is presented in complete form.Comment: 4 pages, RevTe

    Absolute negative refraction and imaging of unpolarized electromagnetic waves by two-dimensional photonic crystals

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    Absolute negative refraction regions for both polarizations of electromagnetic wave in two-dimensional photonic crystal have been found through both the analysis and the exact numerical simulation. Especially, absolute all-angle negative refraction for both polarizations has also been demonstrated. Thus, the focusing and image of unpolarized light can be realized by a microsuperlens consisting of the two-dimensional photonic crystals. The absorption and compensation for the losses by introducing optical gain in these systems have also been discussed

    Data assimilation using bayesian filters and B-spline geological models

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    This paper proposes a new approach to problems of data assimilation, also known as history matching, of oilfield production data by adjustment of the location and sharpness of patterns of geological facies. Traditionally, this problem has been addressed using gradient based approaches with a level set parameterization of the geology. Gradient-based methods are robust, but computationally demanding with real-world reservoir problems and insufficient for reservoir management uncertainty assessment. Recently, the ensemble filter approach has been used to tackle this problem because of its high efficiency from the standpoint of implementation, computational cost, and performance. Incorporation of level set parameterization in this approach could further deal with the lack of differentiability with respect to facies type, but its practical implementation is based on some assumptions that are not easily satisfied in real problems. In this work, we propose to describe the geometry of the permeability field using B-spline curves. This transforms history matching of the discrete facies type to the estimation of continuous B-spline control points. As filtering scheme, we use the ensemble square-root filter (EnSRF). The efficacy of the EnSRF with the B-spline parameterization is investigated through three numerical experiments, in which the reservoir contains a curved channel, a disconnected channel or a 2-dimensional closed feature. It is found that the application of the proposed method to the problem of adjusting facies edges to match production data is relatively straightforward and provides statistical estimates of the distribution of geological facies and of the state of the reservoir
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