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    Management of estuarine beaches on the Amazon coast though the application of recreational carrying capacity indices

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    The purpose of this paper is to determine the Recreational Carrying Capacity of three estuarine beaches (Colares, Marud√° and Murubira) on the Amazon coast of Brazil, based on the combined assessment of natural conditions and visitor facilities. In the final analysis, the carrying capacity of Colares beach was estimated to be 1089 visitors per day, and that of Murubira beach, 238 visitors per day. At Marud√° beach, however, the inadequate quality of the water resulted in an RCC of zero, indicating that the beach should not be visited for recreational use. The results of this study may provide a valuable diagnostic tool for the development of future state and municipal coastal management programs. We believe that the procedures adopted in this study are applicable to other estuarine beaches on the Amazon coast, as well as in other estuarine beaches elsewhere with similar natural characteristics.Peer ReviewedPostprint (author's final draft

    Polinização de pepino, Cucumis sativus L. (Cucurbitales: Cucurbitaceae), pelas abelhas sem ferrão Scaptotrigona aff. depilis moure e Nannotrigona testaceicornis lepeletier (Hymenoptera: Meliponini) em casas de vegetação

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    When for a successful fruit development the fertilization of flowers is necessary, bees can be used as crop-pollinators in greenhouses. In the present study, we investigated the effectiveness of the stingless bees Scaptotrigona aff. depilis Moure and Nannotrigona testaceicornis Lepeletier as pollinators of cucumber plants (Cucumus sativus var. caipira) in greenhouses during the Brazilian winter season. The study was conducted in four greenhouses (GH), of which two greenhouses contained bee colonies to ascertain pollination of the cucumber plants (GH I, with S. aff. depilis, GH II, with N. testaceicornis), whereas the other two greenhouses (GH III, GH IV) had no bee colonies and served as control groups. Furthermore, we planted cucumbers in an open field plot (OA) where pollination by any/various visiting insects could occur. Each of the experimental areas measured 87.5 m¬≤. Without pollination (GH III, GH IV), the plants produced a low number of cucumbers, and the fruits were smaller and less heavy than in those experimental areas where pollination occurred. In the open field area, not protected against unfavorable climatic conditions, the plants produced fewer flowers than the plants in the greenhouses. The highest cucumber yield (with the highest amount of perfect fruits) was found in those greenhouses which housed the stingless bees as pollinators (GH I, GH II). Our results demonstrate that stingless bees can be successfully and efficiently used as pollinators of greenhouse cucumbers during the winter season.Quando a fertiliza√ß√£o de flores √© necess√°ria para o desenvolvimento de frutos, abelhas podem ser utilizadas como polinizadores sob cultivo protegido. No presente estudo, a efetividade das abelhas sem ferr√£o Scaptotrigona aff. depilis Moure e Nannotrigona testaceicornis Lepeletier como polinizadoras de pepino (Cucumis sativus var. caipira) foi investigada sob cultivo protegido durante o inverno. O estudo foi conduzido em quatro casas de vegeta√ß√£o (GH), das quais duas continham col√īnias de abelhas para averiguar a poliniza√ß√£o dos pepinos (GH I, com S. aff. depilis, GH II, com N. testaceicornis), e duas (GH III, GH IV) n√£o continham col√īnias e serviram como grupos controle. Al√©m disso, pepinos foram plantados numa √°rea aberta (AO) onde poliniza√ß√£o por v√°rios insetos poderia ocorrer. Sem poliniza√ß√£o (GH III, GH IV), as plantas produziram menor n√ļmero de pepinos, e os frutos eram menores e menos pesados do que aqueles nas √°reas experimentais onde a polinizac√£o ocorreu. Na √°rea aberta, n√£o protegida contra condi√ß√Ķes clim√°ticas desfavor√°veis, as plantas produziram menos flores do que as plantas nas casas de vegeta√ß√£o. A maior produ√ß√£o de pepinos (com a maior quantidade de frutos perfeitos) foi encontrada nas casas de vegeta√ß√£o com as abelhas como polinizadoras (GH I, GH II). Os resultados demonstraram que abelhas sem ferr√£o podem ser usadas com sucesso e efici√™ncia como polinizadoras de pepinos sob cultivo protegido durante o inverno.FAPESPCoordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior (CAPES)CNP

    Modulation of Toll-like receptors in psoriatic patients during therapy with adalimumab

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    Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are a key part of the innate immune system that detect pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) of microorganisms and their stimulation results in the activation of signaling pathways leading to the modulation of inflammatory and immune responses. Since psoriasis is a complex, inflammatory and immune skin disease, characterized by an abnormal immune response and increased proliferation of keratinocytes, with an increased production of proinflammatory cytokines, TLRs could play an important role in the pathogenesis of the disease. We propose to assess the modulation of TLR expression on psoriatic skin of patients treated with Adalimumab and systemic conventional therapies. We therefore recruited fifteen patients: ten were treated with adalimumab and five with systemic conventional therapies; their clinical conditions were analyzed by PASI index and skin biopsies were evaluated for TLR1 and TLR2 expression by immunohistochemistry assays. Our data suggest adalimumab is not only able to improve the clinical condition of psoriatic patients, but also to modulate TLR1 and TLR2 expression involved in psoriasis, as in healthy skin. Adalimumab is a most promising biological drug able to orchestrate immune and inflammatory responses in psoriatic lesions, recovering TLR expression on basal keratinocytes and improving clinical conditions of psoriatic patients, with no evident side effects

    Exploiting web technologies to build autonomic wireless sensor networks

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    Most of the current wireless sensor networks are built for specific applications, with a tight coupling between them and the underlying communication protocols. We present a more flexible architectural approach for building WSNs, in which application-specific features are decoupled from the underlying communication infrastructure, although affecting the network behavior. We propose a framework based on Web technologies that provides a standard interface for accessing the network and configurable service components tailored to meet different application requirements, while optimizing the network scarce resources. Also, a set of ontologies is defined as part of the framework for representing shared knowledge of the WSN domain.8th IFIP/IEEE International conference on Mobile and Wireless CommunicationRed de Universidades con Carreras en Inform√°tica (RedUNCI

    Editorial: Sleep, vigilance & disruptive behaviors

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    The Frontiers in Psychiatry Research Theme of Sleep, vigilance, and disruptive behaviors has two aims: first, to promote the understanding of the connections between vigilance and disruptive daytime behavior in the context of sleep deprivation and, second, to explore how naturalistic observations and pattern recognition can play a role in furthering our understanding of these connections. . .

    Pt-Decorated TiO2 Materials Supported on Carbon : Increasing Activities and Stabilities toward the ORR by Tuning the Pt Loading

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    Pt nanoparticles (Pt NPs) supported on carbon have been widely employed as electrocatalysts toward oxygen reduction reaction. The development of more efficient electrocatalysts that enable one to reduce or even not require the use of Pt is a central challenge. In addition to the control over the physical and chemical features of Pt NPs, metal support interactions can be employed to enhance activities via the generation and exposure of surface-active sites. In this context, we report herein the development of electrocatalysts composed of Pt NPs supported on TiO2 microspheres, that were subsequently impregnated onto carbon. We have found that, by optimizing the loading of Pt at the TiO2 surface, the electrocatalytic activity toward the ORR could be improved compared to that of the commercial Pt/C (E-TEK) material, even at lower Pt loadings. The enhancement in activities could be assigned to the balance between Pt loading and generation of reactive surface sites, such as adsorbed oxygenated species. Moreover, the utilization of TiO2 as support enabled improved stabilities relative to Pt/C (E-TEK). We believe that the results described herein may inspire the development of electrocatalysts for the ORR with improved activities and stabilities.Peer reviewe

    As tendências educacionais politizadoras do processo inclusivo: acertos e desacertos

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    Adentrando-se no s√©culo XXI, o processo inclusivo de alunos com necessidades educacionais especiais na rede regular de ensino foi se intensificando significativamente. Ressalta-se ent√£o uma grande variedade de documentos importantes, reafirmando o direito a todos para uma educa√ß√£o b√°sica de qualidade, bem como o incentivo para a elabora√ß√£o de projetos voltados para a pol√≠tica de inclus√£o. Diante do exposto, o presente trabalho teve por objetivo realizar um estudo na rede Municipal de Araraquara S.P, visando conhecer a evolu√ß√£o do n√ļmero de alunos com necessidades educacionais especiais que foram atendidos pelo Programa de Educa√ß√£o Especial. Pretendeu-se conhecer o n√ļmero de atendimentos a esses alunos no decorrer de um per√≠odo de cinco anos, (de 2002 a 2007), por acreditar que os cinco primeiros anos de sua implanta√ß√£o s√£o de grande import√Ęncia para avalia√ß√£o e reavalia√ß√£o dos servi√ßos. Portanto, a partir desse per√≠odo, os objetivos encontram-se mais consolidados, podendo trazer melhores contribui√ß√Ķes de como essa rede est√° organizada em seu servi√ßo especial, na a√ß√£o de uma gest√£o educacional e na viabiliza√ß√£o de projetos pol√≠ticos pedag√≥gicos que v√£o ao encontro dessa nova filosofia educacional

    Determinación de la adhesión de hidroxiapatita sobre Ti cp utilizando impedancia electroquímica

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    La espectroscopia de impedancia electroqu√≠mica es una de las t√©cnicas m√°s modernas utilizadas para caracterizar las propiedades el√©ctricas de una pel√≠cula cer√°mica y su adhesi√≥n a la superficie met√°lica. Este trabajo representa parte de un proyecto en ejecuci√≥n en el que se propone evaluar la solubilidad de una pel√≠cula de hidroxiapatita (HA) depositada sobre la superficie pulida de Ti cp por el m√©todo biomim√©tico, despu√©s de varios per√≠odos de inmersi√≥n en un medio fisiol√≥gico con la composici√≥n siguiente (g/L): NaCl 8,74; NaHCO3 0,35; Na2HPO4 0,06; NaH2PO4 0,06. A trav√©s de la t√©cnica de impedancia es posible determinar la cantidad de disoluci√≥n que penetra en la pel√≠cula y, a partir de esto, estimar la solubilidad y el l√≠mite de saturaci√≥n que conduce a la p√©rdida de adhesi√≥n mediante un gr√°fico que describe el perfil de las variaciones de la capacidad el√©ctrica en funci√≥n del tiempo. Las mediciones de impedancia fueron realizadas a potenciales de circuito abierto despu√©s de varios per√≠odos de inmersi√≥n, en el intervalo de 100 KHz a 10 mHz . Los diagramas de Bode muestran claramente que el recubrimiento provee una protecci√≥n cada vez menos eficaz con el aumento del tiempo de exposici√≥n en disoluci√≥n fisiol√≥gica. La m√°xima impedancia |z| obtenida, correspondiente a un per√≠odo de 24 h en el que la protecci√≥n fue m√°s efectiva, permaneci√≥ alrededor de 106‚Ą¶ ¬∑ cm2 a 0,01 Hz
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