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    China's Western Development Strategy: Policies, Effects and Prospects

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    China’s Western Development Strategy (WDS) has been carried out since 1999 with remarkable achievements, whereby Western China also experienced a rapid and stable development during the past decade. This paper analyzes policy actions and effects of WDS. The findings indicate that Western China’s economic development has experienced a dramatic reversion after implementation of WDS, which to a certain extent, proves that WDS has played a significant role in promoting western regions’ development. This paper also reveals some key constraints on Western China’s economic development and then offers a set of policy ideas for the next stage of Western development.Western Development Strategy; Regional Policy; Policy effects; Western China

    Hexapod Coloron at the LHC

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    Instead of the usual dijet decay, the coloron may mainly decay into its own "Higgs bosons", which subsequently decay into many jets. This is a general feature of the renormalizable coloron model, where the corresponding "Higgs bosons" are a color-octet Θ\Theta and a color-singlet ϕI\phi_I. In this paper, we perform a detailed collider study for the signature of ppG(Θgg)(ϕIggqqˉ)pp \rightarrow G' \rightarrow (\Theta \rightarrow gg) (\phi_I \rightarrow gg q\bar{q}) with the coloron GG' as a six-jet resonance. For a light ϕI\phi_I below around 0.5 TeV, it may be boosted and behave as a four-prong fat jet. We also develop a jet-substructure-based search strategy to cover this boosted ϕI\phi_I case. Independent of whether ϕI\phi_I is boosted or not, the 13 TeV LHC with 100 fb1^{-1} has great discovery potential for a coloron with the mass sensitivity up to 5 TeV.Comment: 18 pages, 10 figure

    Urbanization Process and Land Use Policy

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    Within a framewaork of New Economic Geography (NEG) model, this paper intends to show that urbanization rate in an isolated region is determined as a synthetic rerult of rational behavior of each socio-economic agent. In particular, a model is constructed with bearing to explain the urbanization process in Chaina in mind such that the role of government in managing land use allocation is explicitly incorporated and its policy effects can be evaluated. Some results of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation analysis are contrasted with the ones in Fujita and Krugman (1995) incorporating land into an NEG model as well.

    A 2D based Partition Strategy for Solving Ranking under Team Context (RTP)

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    In this paper, we propose a 2D based partition method for solving the problem of Ranking under Team Context(RTC) on datasets without a priori. We first map the data into 2D space using its minimum and maximum value among all dimensions. Then we construct window queries with consideration of current team context. Besides, during the query mapping procedure, we can pre-prune some tuples which are not top ranked ones. This pre-classified step will defer processing those tuples and can save cost while providing solutions for the problem. Experiments show that our algorithm performs well especially on large datasets with correctness