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    Concept for using laser beams to measure electron density in plasmas

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    Concept is proposed for using laser beams as a means of measuring electron density at various points in flame or plasma exhausts. Measurement of the electron density is obtained by detecting reflected waves in the plasma that were activated by the laser

    More than skin deep: body representation beyond primary somatosensory cortex

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    The neural circuits underlying initial sensory processing of somatic information are relatively well understood. In contrast, the processes that go beyond primary somatosensation to create more abstract representations related to the body are less clear. In this review, we focus on two classes of higher-order processing beyond somatosensation. Somatoperception refers to the process of perceiving the body itself, and particularly of ensuring somatic perceptual constancy. We review three key elements of somatoperception: (a) remapping information from the body surface into an egocentric reference frame (b) exteroceptive perception of objects in the external world through their contact with the body and (c) interoceptive percepts about the nature and state of the body itself. Somatorepresentation, in contrast, refers to the essentially cognitive process of constructing semantic knowledge and attitudes about the body, including: (d) lexical-semantic knowledge about bodies generally and one’s own body specifically, (e) configural knowledge about the structure of bodies, (f) emotions and attitudes directed towards one’s own body, and (g) the link between physical body and psychological self. We review a wide range of neuropsychological, neuroimaging and neurophysiological data to explore the dissociation between these different aspects of higher somatosensory function

    A kinematically decoupled component in NGC4778

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    We present a kinematical and photometrical study of a member, NGC4778, of the nearest (z=0.0137) compact group: Hickson 62. Our analysis reveals that Hickson 62a, also known as NGC4778, is an S0 galaxy with kinematical and morphological peculiarities, both in its central regions (r < 5'') and in the outer halo. In the central regions, the rotation curve shows the existence of a kinematically decoupled stellar component, offset with respect to the photometric center. In the outer halo we find an asymmetric rotation curve and a velocity dispersion profile showing a rise on the SW side, in direction of the galaxy NGC4776.Comment: Proceedings of the first workshop of astronomy and astrophysics for student

    A Remark on Quantum Group Actions and Nuclearity

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    Let H be a compact quantum group with faithful Haar measure and bounded counit. If H acts on a C*-algebra A, we show that A is nuclear if and only if its fixed-point subalgebra is nuclear. As a consequence H is a nuclear C*-algebra.Comment: 12 pages, LateX 2

    Occupancy Estimation Using Low-Cost Wi-Fi Sniffers

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    Real-time measurements on the occupancy status of indoor and outdoor spaces can be exploited in many scenarios (HVAC and lighting system control, building energy optimization, allocation and reservation of spaces, etc.). Traditional systems for occupancy estimation rely on environmental sensors (CO2, temperature, humidity) or video cameras. In this paper, we depart from such traditional approaches and propose a novel occupancy estimation system which is based on the capture of Wi-Fi management packets from users' devices. The system, implemented on a low-cost ESP8266 microcontroller, leverages a supervised learning model to adapt to different spaces and transmits occupancy information through the MQTT protocol to a web-based dashboard. Experimental results demonstrate the validity of the proposed solution in four different indoor university spaces.Comment: Submitted to Balkancom 201

    How to remove the boundary in CFT - an operator algebraic procedure

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    The relation between two-dimensional conformal quantum field theories with and without a timelike boundary is explored.Comment: 18 pages, 2 figures. v2: more precise title, reference correcte

    Steps toward a classifier for the Virtual Observatory. I. Classifying the SDSS photometric archive

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    Modern photometric multiband digital surveys produce large amounts of data that, in order to be effectively exploited, need automatic tools capable to extract from photometric data an objective classification. We present here a new method for classifying objects in large multi-parametric photometric data bases, consisting of a combination of a clustering algorithm and a cluster agglomeration tool. The generalization capabilities and the potentialities of this approach are tested against the complexity of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey archive, for which an example of application is reported.Comment: To appear in the Proceedings of the "1st Workshop of Astronomy and Astrophysics for Students" - Naples, 19-20 April 200

    Memory in Memoir & Biography: Science, Place, and Agency

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    This thesis explores modern scientific understanding of memory in humans and how it affects works of life writing. Scientific research shows that memory is unreliable and often misunderstood by the general public, and this has implications for different forms of life writing. This paper uses biographies, memoirs, and hybrid forms of life writing to explore how memory, with all its limitations, is used in service of a life story. How do writers of these sub-genres use memory and why are those strategies different from one another? Questions of agency and authority over written and spoken material make the issues still more complicated. If memory is indeed unreliable, how can disagreements about the past be resolved? Who has the rights to the story of a life? The place of memory in life writing is fluid and complex
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