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    Quantum mechanics and EPR paradox

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    The orthodox quantum mechanics has been commonly regarded as being supported decisively by the polarization EPR experiments, in which Bell's inequalities have been violated. The given conclusion has been based, however, on several mistakes that have not been yet commonly known and sufficiently analyzed. The whole problem will be newly discussed and a corresponding solution will be proposed.Comment: 8 pages incl. 3 figure

    Quantum mechanics and irreversible time flow

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    Time flow has been embodied in time-dependent Schroedinger equation representing one of the foundations of quantum mechanics. Pauli's criticism (1933) has, however, indicated that the assumptions concerning representation Hilbert space have led to some contradictions. Many authors have tried to solve this discrepancy practically without any actual success. The reason may be seen in that two different problems have been mixed: the problem of Pauli (being more general and more important) and non-unitarity of exponential phase operator of linear harmonic oscillator introduced by Dirac, as demonstrated in 1964. The problem will be discussed in a broad historical context and a solution based on extension of representation Hilbert space will be shown.Comment: 12 pages, Presented at the conference "Irreversible quantum dynamics", ICTP Trieste, 29.7.-2.8.200
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