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    On the average of the Airy process and its time reversal

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    We show that the supremum of the average of the Airy process and its time reversal minus a parabola is distributed as the maximum of two independent GUE Tracy-Widom random variables. The proof is obtained by considering a directed last passage percolation model with a rotational symmetry in two different ways. We also review other known identities between the Airy process and the Tracy-Widom distributions.Comment: 12 page

    Discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinants and the width of non-intersecting processes

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    We show that the ratio of a discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinant and its continuous counterpart equals a Freholm determinant involving continuous orthogonal polynomials. This identity is used to evaluate a triple asymptotic of some discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinants which arise in studying non-intersecting processes. We show that the asymptotic fluctuations of the width of such processes are given by the GUE Tracy-Widom distribution. This result leads us to an identity between the GUE Tracy-Widom distribution and the maximum of the sum of two independent Airy processes minus a parabola. We provide an independent proof of this identity.Comment: 30 pages, 3 figure

    Fluctuations of TASEP and LPP with general initial data

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    We prove Airy process variational formulas for the one-point probability distribution of (discrete time parallel update) TASEP with general initial data, as well as last passage percolation from a general lattice path to a point. We also consider variants of last passage percolation with inhomogeneous parameter geometric weights and provide variational formulas of a similar nature. This proves one aspect of the conjectural description of the renormalization fixed point of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class.Comment: 44 pages, 6 figure

    The Influence of Cultural Differences on Chinese College Studentsā€™ Listening Comprehension

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    In English listening teaching, the background knowledge of teaching material can help the listener improve listening skills. Traditional teaching neglects the teaching of cultural background knowledge, which influences the effect of listening teaching. Understanding the cultural background can help us better understand western culture and improve the effect of listening, thus improving the teaching efficiency. It should also be an important task for students to understand the cultural differences between the east and the west. In view of the current situation of studentsā€™ lack of western culture knowledge, it is an urgent task to strengthen the teaching of Western culture in language teaching

    Research of College English Newspaper Reading Teaching Based on the Theory of Implicit Evaluation

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    Traditional teaching of the English Newspaper reading courses emphasizes the transmission of knowledge and culture, and pays too much attention to the analysis of discourse structures, but ignore the interpretation of the ideology and viewpoints implied in the newspaper discourse. Through the analysis of language resources in China Daily and the Wall Street Journal, we find that there are a lot of implicit evaluation resources in newspapers and periodicals, which indirectly convey the attitudes and opinions of newspaper reporters. Therefore, exploring the implicit evaluation resources in theĀ  newspapers in the teaching process is of great significance to cultivate studentsā€™ critical thinking ability and promote the teaching of optional reading courses of English newspapers.

    When the geodesic becomes rigid in the directed landscape

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    When the value LL of the directed landscape at a point (p;q)(\mathbf{p};\mathbf{q}) is sufficiently large, the geodesic from p\mathbf{p} to q\mathbf{q} is rigid and its location fluctuates of order Lāˆ’1/4L^{-1/4} around its expectation. We further show that at a midpoint of the geodesic, the location of the geodesic and the value of the directed landscape after appropriate scaling converge to two independent Gaussians.Comment: 13 pages, 1 figur

    Global-Scale Resource Survey and Performance Monitoring of Public OGC Web Map Services

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    One of the most widely-implemented service standards provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to the user community is the Web Map Service (WMS). WMS is widely employed globally, but there is limited knowledge of the global distribution, adoption status or the service quality of these online WMS resources. To fill this void, we investigated global WMSs resources and performed distributed performance monitoring of these services. This paper explicates a distributed monitoring framework that was used to monitor 46,296 WMSs continuously for over one year and a crawling method to discover these WMSs. We analyzed server locations, provider types, themes, the spatiotemporal coverage of map layers and the service versions for 41,703 valid WMSs. Furthermore, we appraised the stability and performance of basic operations for 1210 selected WMSs (i.e., GetCapabilities and GetMap). We discuss the major reasons for request errors and performance issues, as well as the relationship between service response times and the spatiotemporal distribution of client monitoring sites. This paper will help service providers, end users and developers of standards to grasp the status of global WMS resources, as well as to understand the adoption status of OGC standards. The conclusions drawn in this paper can benefit geospatial resource discovery, service performance evaluation and guide service performance improvements.Comment: 24 pages; 15 figure
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