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    X-shaped radio galaxies as observational evidence for the interaction of supermassive binary black holes and accretion disk at pc scale

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    A supermassive black hole binary may form during galaxy mergering. we investigate the interaction of the supermassive binary black holes (SMBBHs) and an accretion disk and show that the detected X-shaped structure in some FRII radio galaxies may be due to the interaction-realignment of inclined binary and accretion disk occurred within the pc scale of the galaxy center. We compare in detail the model and observations and show that the configuration is consistent very well with the observations of X-shaped radio sources. X-shaped radio feature form only in FRII radio sources due to the strong interaction between the binary and a standard disk, while the absence of X-shaped FRI radio galaxies is due to that the interaction between the binary and the radiatively inefficient accretion flow in FRI radio sources is negligible. It is suggested that the binary would keep misaligned with the outer disk for most of the life time of FRII radio galaxies and the orientation of jet in most FRII radio galaxies distributes randomly, while the jets in most FRI radio galaxies is expected to be vertical to the accretion disk and thus the major axis of host galaxy. We discuss the relationship of X-shaped and double-double radio galaxies (DDRGs). The model is applied in paticular to two X-shaped radio sources 4C+01.30 and 3C293 and one DDRG source J0116-473 and show that the SMBBHs in the three objects have black hole mass ratios q0.10.3q \sim 0.1 - 0.3.Comment: 35 pages, no figure, no table. Accepted for publication in MNRA