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    The voice activity detection (VAD) recorder and VAD network recorder : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Computer Science at Massey University

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    The project is to provide a feasibility study for the AudioGraph tool, focusing on two application areas: the VAD (voice activity detector) recorder and the VAD network recorder. The first one achieves a low bit-rate speech recording on the fly, using a GSM compression coder with a simple VAD algorithm; and the second one provides two-way speech over IP, fulfilling echo cancellation with a simplex channel. The latter is required for implementing a synchronous AudioGraph. In the first chapter we introduce the background of this project, specifically, the VoIP technology, the AudioGraph tool, and the VAD algorithms. We also discuss the problems set for this project. The second chapter presents all the relevant techniques in detail, including sound representation, speech-coding schemes, sound file formats, PowerPlant and Macintosh programming issues, and the simple VAD algorithm we have developed. The third chapter discusses the implementation issues, including the systems' objective, architecture, the problems encountered and solutions used. The fourth chapter illustrates the results of the two applications. The user documentations for the applications are given, and after that, we analyse the parameters based on the results. We also present the default settings of the parameters, which could be used in the AudioGraph system. The last chapter provides conclusions and future work