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    Thermodynamics of SU(2) bosons in one dimension

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    On the basis of Bethe ansatz solution of two-component bosons with SU(2) symmetry and δ\delta-function interaction in one dimension, we study the thermodynamics of the system at finite temperature by using the strategy of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz (TBA). It is shown that the ground state is an isospin "ferromagnetic" state by the method of TBA, and at high temperature the magnetic property is dominated by Curie's law. We obtain the exact result of specific heat and entropy in strong coupling limit which scales like TT at low temperature. While in weak coupling limit, it is found there is still no Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) in such 1D system.Comment: 7 page

    Single-photon-triggered quantum chaos

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    We demonstrate how to manipulate quantum chaos with a single photon in a hybrid quantum device combining cavity QED and optomechanics. Specifically, we show that this system changes between integrable and chaotic relying on the photon-state of the injected field. This onset of chaos originates from the photon-dependent chaotic threshold of the qubit-field coupling induced by the optomechanical interaction. By deriving the Loschmidt Echo we observe clear differences in the sensitivity to perturbations in the regular versus chaotic regimes. We also present classical analog of this chaotic behavior, and find good correspondence between chaotic quantum dynamics and classical physics. Our work opens up a new route to achieve quantum manipulations, which are crucial elements in engineering new types of on-chip quantum devices and quantum information science.Comment: 11 pages, 4 figure

    GTAV-NightRain: Photometric Realistic Large-scale Dataset for Night-time Rain Streak Removal

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    Rain is transparent, which reflects and refracts light in the scene to the camera. In outdoor vision, rain, especially rain streaks degrade visibility and therefore need to be removed. In existing rain streak removal datasets, although density, scale, direction and intensity have been considered, transparency is not fully taken into account. This problem is particularly serious in night scenes, where the appearance of rain largely depends on the interaction with scene illuminations and changes drastically on different positions within the image. This is problematic, because unrealistic dataset causes serious domain bias. In this paper, we propose GTAV-NightRain dataset, which is a large-scale synthetic night-time rain streak removal dataset. Unlike existing datasets, by using 3D computer graphic platform (namely GTA V), we are allowed to infer the three dimensional interaction between rain and illuminations, which insures the photometric realness. Current release of the dataset contains 12,860 HD rainy images and 1,286 corresponding HD ground truth images in diversified night scenes. A systematic benchmark and analysis are provided along with the dataset to inspire further research