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    Application of Radial Categories to the Second Language Learning of Chinese Learners

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    As a relatively new discipline which raised in the 20th century Cognitive linguistics has gradually become the mainstream in the development of recent decades. In cognitive linguistics some major theories related with language teaching and learning are construal, categorization, encyclopedic knowledge, symbol, metaphor, and metonymy. In this paper being based on the theory of radial categories the author turns attention to second language learning to explore implications of performance of vocabulary, morphemes, grammar rules, phonology, and intonation in radial categories in the second language learning

    An Attitudinal Analysis of English Song Discourse from the Perspective of Appraisal Theory

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    Appraisal theory is a new development of the interpersonal meaning in systematic functional linguistics. In recent years, the appraisal theory has been widely used in different genres to study whether and how slightly different appraisal methods are used in them. However, analysis of English song discourse with the appraisal theory is rare. Therefore, based on the attitude meaning in the appraisal theory the author analyzes several English song discourses. Through analysis of characteristics of the distribution of attitude resources in the English discourse it aims to find language feature in the English song discourse so as to make readers understand the emotion expressed by the author of the song discourse and the importance of the attitude meaning of the appraisal theory in building interpersonal relations between the author of the song discourse and readers

    The Transition from Comprehensive to Analytical Characteristics of English Language

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    English belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is a language that achieves meaning expression through its own form of inflection, focusing on form, and it is one kind of comprehensive language. Analytical language expresses grammatical meaning through function words, word order, and so on. With the development of language, English has a tendency to develop from comprehensive language to analytical language. In this study, it explains the transitional characteristics of English language from comprehensive characteristics to analytical characteristics from following aspects: reduces or even disappears of English  morphological change; the ability of English vocabulary meaning expansion; the multi-use of function words; the powerful grammatical function of the article; the fusion of English and Chinese language; the Chinese loanword in English;  the Syntactical phenomenon of English and Chinese language, the complexity of English word formation, the theme-highlight sentence pattern

    LocNet: Global localization in 3D point clouds for mobile vehicles

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    Global localization in 3D point clouds is a challenging problem of estimating the pose of vehicles without any prior knowledge. In this paper, a solution to this problem is presented by achieving place recognition and metric pose estimation in the global prior map. Specifically, we present a semi-handcrafted representation learning method for LiDAR point clouds using siamese LocNets, which states the place recognition problem to a similarity modeling problem. With the final learned representations by LocNet, a global localization framework with range-only observations is proposed. To demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of our global localization system, KITTI dataset is employed for comparison with other algorithms, and also on our long-time multi-session datasets for evaluation. The result shows that our system can achieve high accuracy.Comment: 6 pages, IV 2018 accepte

    Does Control of Corruption Matter for Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Post-Communist Countries

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    Corruption has been shown to discourage entrepreneurship in both developed and developing countries. However, it is less clear to what extent corruption affects the development of institutions’ impact on entrepreneurial activity in the context of emerging economies, such as those in the post-communist countries. This study used Institutional Economics as a conceptual framework with the aim of analysing the moderating effect of control of corruption (informal institution) on the relationship between formal institutions (such as the number of procedures, education and training, access to finance, and technology absorption) and entrepreneurial activity. The study used panel data of 14 post-communist countries and different secondary databases from the years 2006-2014. The article has several implications from both theoretical perspectives (advancing the application of Institutional Economics for the study of entrepreneurship) and from the practical point of view (providing insights for governmental policies interested in fostering higher entrepreneurial levels). Keywords: institutional economics, corruption, entrepreneurship, emerging economie

    Network pharma cology and GEO chip based elucidation of mechanisms underlying the use of Yi Tieqing for prevention and treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting

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    Purpose: To investigate the mechanism(s) involved in the use of Yi Tieqing for the prevention and treatment of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV), using network pharmacology and GEO chip. Methods: The chemical constituents and functional targets of five traditional Chinese medicines in Yi Tieqing were obtained by searching TCMSP database. The PONV disease targets were identified through DisGeNET, GeneCards and DrugBank databases, and differential expression genes of the GEO database chip (GSE7762) were mined. From the intersections of the component targets and disease targets, the core targets of drugs and diseases were obtained. The core targets were investigated in R language using GO-biological process and KEGG enrichment analyses, and their biological activities were verified via molecular docking. Finally, the severity and incidence of PONV in control and treatment groups were determined and compared. Results: A total of 254 bioactive components and 301 related potential targets were obtained from the TCMSP database. There were 2092 related targets in PONV, and 6 intersecting targets were obtained from Venn diagram. The results of GO biological process and KEGG enrichment analysis showed that the incidence of PONV was strongly correlated with the negative regulation of response to wounding and nervous system. Clinical results showed that from 24 – 48 h (T2) after operation, the severity and incidence of PONV in the treatment group were significantly lower than those in the control group (p < 0.05). Conclusion: Yi Tieqing alleviates PONV through multi-components, multi-targets, and multi-pathways

    Communication constrained cloud-based long-term visual localization in real time

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    Visual localization is one of the primary capabilities for mobile robots. Long-term visual localization in real time is particularly challenging, in which the robot is required to efficiently localize itself using visual data where appearance may change significantly over time. In this paper, we propose a cloud-based visual localization system targeting at long-term localization in real time. On the robot, we employ two estimators to achieve accurate and real-time performance. One is a sliding-window based visual inertial odometry, which integrates constraints from consecutive observations and self-motion measurements, as well as the constraints induced by localization on the cloud. This estimator builds a local visual submap as the virtual observation which is then sent to the cloud as new localization constraints. The other one is a delayed state Extended Kalman Filter to fuse the pose of the robot localized from the cloud, the local odometry and the high-frequency inertial measurements. On the cloud, we propose a longer sliding-window based localization method to aggregate the virtual observations for larger field of view, leading to more robust alignment between virtual observations and the map. Under this architecture, the robot can achieve drift-free and real-time localization using onboard resources even in a network with limited bandwidth, high latency and existence of package loss, which enables the autonomous navigation in real-world environment. We evaluate the effectiveness of our system on a dataset with challenging seasonal and illuminative variations. We further validate the robustness of the system under challenging network conditions
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