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    Shangri-la: From Utopia to Wasteland?

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    The rapid urbanization movement in China’s uplands and up-streams, home to ethnic groups, are problematic for ecological and cultural reasons. Shangri-La County in southwest China is one such destination that has experienced such environmental and sociocultural challenges. The scale and speed of urbanization that has occurred in Shangri-La has outpaced what local communities can adapt to. As a consequence, a significant regional wetland as well as a culturally important water burial site are in serious distress

    First Results from BESIII

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    We present the most recent results from the BESIII experiment. This review covers the studies of charmonium decays, light hadron spectroscopy and charm physics. Especially, the prospects for weak decays of charm mesons are addressed at the BESIII.Comment: Presented at Flavor Physics and CP Violation - FPCP 2010, Turin, Italy, May 25-29, 201