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    Automatic Repair of Buggy If Conditions and Missing Preconditions with SMT

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    We present Nopol, an approach for automatically repairing buggy if conditions and missing preconditions. As input, it takes a program and a test suite which contains passing test cases modeling the expected behavior of the program and at least one failing test case embodying the bug to be repaired. It consists of collecting data from multiple instrumented test suite executions, transforming this data into a Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) problem, and translating the SMT result -- if there exists one -- into a source code patch. Nopol repairs object oriented code and allows the patches to contain nullness checks as well as specific method calls.Comment: CSTVA'2014, India (2014

    The regularity and exponential decay of solution for a linear wave equation associated with two-point boundary conditions

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    This paper is concerned with the existence and the regularity of global solutions to the linear wave equation associated with two-point type boundary conditions. We also investigate the decay properties of the global solutions to this problem by the construction of a suitable Lyapunov functional.Comment: 18 page

    Uniquely list colorability of the graph Kn2 + Om

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    Given a list L(v) for each vertex v, we say that the graph G is L-colorable if there is a proper vertex coloring of G where each vertex v takes its color from L(v). The graph is uniquely k-list colorable if there is a list assignment L such that jL(v)j = k for every vertex v and the graph has exactly one L-coloring with these lists. In this paper, we characterize uniquely list colorability of the graph G = Kn2 + Om. We shall prove that if n = 2 then G is uniquely 3-list colorable if and only if m >= 9, if n = 3 and m >=1 then G is uniquely 3-list colorable, if n >=4 then G is uniquely k-list colorable with k =[m/2]+1, and if m>=n-1, entonce G es UnLC
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